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Bogwitch's Icon Advent Calendar - Day 4

Open Day Four!


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Yule it is, then! ;-)

Kwanzaa (I forgot an 'a' earlier) is an African-American cultural expression of the Thanksgiving/Christmas season. Sort of Hannukah-like with great candle-lighting rituals and vast amounts of fabulous food and music. It's a great party; if you ever get invited to one, I say go for it.

I love the Lorne icons. Truly. He's one of my favorite characters, and I don't think there's quite enough art involving him. He's just neat looking!

Psst...any Lindsey on the Advent calendar???


As I have never met an African-Amercian - (plenty of Africans and Amercians but never together), I don't think it'll be soon. :)

>>ny Lindsey on the Advent calendar???

Not telling.

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