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Bogwitch's Icon Advent Calendar - Day 4

Open Day Four!


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Aww, it's dear old Lorne's turn. More delightful icons love.

Thanks. Poor old Lorne, his not a character I have a lot of affinity with.

Yay! Lorne - another great set of icons.

I meant to leave you f/b for yesterday too but unfortunately I didn't get the chance due to fic-writing struggles.

This whole idea is great.

Ha! Those are great. I love 'Incognito'.

I took them all!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Joyful Yule, and Happy Kwanza to me!!!


Excellent! Thanks.

I'll take Yule, please. What is Kwanza anyway?

Dear old Lorney Tunes. I like 'Player'

He deserves a day.

I thought of another xmas fic, btw. I forgot I'd written one, old Santa's Grotty.

Lorn! So lovable and green.. ::drools over them:: I'm particularly loving the Incognito one. XD

Green is not a colour I work well with, I'm pleased they came out okay!

Yay, Lorne icons! What a lovely treat as he doesn't get iconned (is that a word?) nearly enough.

No, this has really made me branch out.

Lorne! He's so up there in my crew of favourite supporting characters. 'Player' is fantastic - the colours are amazing. I may snag, actually... I don't have any Lorne icons.

Yep. Snagging. Thank you!!

I love Lorne too, but he's one I tend to avoid because I can't write him.


Oh, gosh it's Lorne. Love the icons, especially the Incognito one.

It's very fun to have a treat to open every day. Thank you.

Well, I'm relieved it's only for a month!

Excellent. Life is a party, indeed. I'm sure some people have partied and their world looked exactly like this icon!

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