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Bogwitch's Icon Advent Calendar

Open Day Three!

Also it be voting time again at lateseasonlove. Time to take my chances again.

Very touching fic. I wonder what flower Dawn would choose for him?

That was beautiful. For both the icons and the fic. And I normally don't warm up to Dawn all that well. :)

Dawn is always the character that gets written out of my stories, so it was time to give her a story of her own.

That was lovely. Just the thought of Buffy choosing and planting everything and now Dawn's thinking about what to do for Spike "sniff". I'd go with "Poets Narcissus" myself but, of course, they don't know Spike's little secret.

I thought Japanese Knotweed, because they could never get rid of him!

Nice fic - and I've taken the green icon - it will come in very useful for Access All Areas.

Thanks! It was based on the first (unfinished) fic I ever wrote. I polished it up and added a load.

Oh God , you made me cry.

Lovely fic. The thought of Buffy planting flowers to remember the dead of Sunnydale nearly made me sniffle. Beautiful icons too.

And thanks for reminding me about the voting at lateseasonlove because I'd forgotten.

I suspect she was prompted by having no grave left for her mother.


::wipes tear::

Beautiful fic.

And very pretty iconses too.

Thanks. It's a fic I never thought I'd finish.

That was absolutely gorgeous. One of my big regrets of the last season of BtVS was that Spike and Dawn never had the reconciliation I wanted for them-- I tend to fan-wank that it happened off screen. Really lovely idea here. I like that you left it open ended-- what would Dawn plant for Spike? What was in Buffy's locket?

I also snagged (as you can see!) one of your Dawn icons. These are great!

Thanks. I'd have liked to have seen that scene too. Maybe Dawn thought they'd be al the time in the world.


The Advent Calender is a wonderful idea, and yes, Oz icons will get you almost everywhere. You can perhaps guess what it will take to drop the "almost".

Lovely story; but now I'm all melancholy!

Spike? Have Spike, will travel?

Wah! That fic was so sad! First thing in the morning, and I've got the sniffles now.

And I love the "all innocence" icon. Hee!

Er... sorry?

Maybe that icon would be appropriate now...

Found the window slightly quicker today.

And can I say that you made me really, really sad? I'm practically weepy. :( It was lovely though.

On the icon front, I love 'I will know your secrets' - it's very Dawn.

(You are such a busy beaver! I feel so honoured...)

It's tissues all round it seems. ;)

You don't know the half of it! My shoulder has frozen from too much computer time!

such pretty, pretty icons and stupid over here, though oh, nice quote wonder if that is a link...

lovely ficlet, so liked the girls talking

Very, very cool. I've always thought that there just aren't enough Dawn icons in the world.

Glad to have done my bit.

Lovely fic - pretty icons, too. I grabbed the "all innocence" one.

Aw, I really liked the story. Thank you for sharing that. I love the moments when Buffy and Dawn are together as sisters, not just as slayer protecting the key or Buffy feeling like she has to be Dawn's mom.

I took the innocence icon too.


Thanks. it's not often I get to write Dawn.