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Bogwitch Stuff

I've got so many things going on in my head at the moment; big project, little project, poor old WIP, a Black Widow part two that keeps coming despite it being the Spring fic, Xmas card list I really should address, new job... oh yes, new scary job I can't talk about yet, finance breakdown caused by the stony silence from the ex, Christmas presents, the mysterious vanishing present, housework, tax problems ...

Ugh. Brain meltdown.

Thanls to my phantom nominator that stuck again. My soupy brain can't remember where.

Vote (for me preferably!) in the Spark and Burn Awards. You can even vote for me in the 'Best New Author' category. Huh. (I have been assured my votes will go in the the 'Best Author' category instead, but I'm scuppered on that before I even start and I never get nominated for Best Author. Except that once).

I also won 'Best Hook' for Black Widow. Which is nice. Thank you phantom nominator.

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Congratulations on the award.

I don't think I can comment on the rest. Too much plot!

Thank you. My life is all plot these days.

I must admit I was a touch bewildered by the Best New Author bit - how new are you exactly? It's quite likely to mess up all the votes in that category.

Not that I have a vested interest there or anything. ::whistles innocently::

And should have added my congratulations for the well-deserved actual award!

congrats hun! And wow that is a really impressive.. and more than a little scary.. list! eek! lots of tea will make it all better : D

Shame I don't have any.

I have to stop coming up with ideas that spiral out of control...


And good luck with the other stuff, especially what you can't talk about.


The job I can't talk about is scaring the life out of me.

So cheers if you're having Vodka! You really have a lot on your brain.

And Congrats for the award !

::raises glasse::

Thanks. December needs to be gone!

Best of luck with all of it pet, especially that which cannot be named.

I firmly believe that the Watchers' Council headquarters is now in your neck of the woods, and can quite see why you might not be able to talk about any new and exciting job there!

I've got a few prawn crackers left from our Chinese tea - they'd go well with your vodka....


I'm not sure about the WC, but there's definitely a Hellmouth in Milton Keynes, I'm sure of it. I'll let you all know about the job soon.

Prawn cracks are always welcome.

Poor Bogwitch head.

*pets head*

But yay for more BW and for the new job (which is hopefully good scary), and yay for the noms and a big YAY for the award :)

Working on the positives here - it's my new thing. Hope the not-so-goods sort out soon, petal.

Thank you. It's good scary, it's 'OMG am I really up to this scary?'.

I'm worried my writing time is going to take a serious hit. I need to get back to the WIP pronto, but bits of BW keep coming out (and I have a couple of other writing commitments). If only I'd not started the other seasonal_spuffy story, then I might have been able to do BW2 for the autumn round.

I'm on the upswing at last. Hope you are too, we've all missed you.

Hey you - congrats on the new job, scarey or not someone obviously thinks you're up to it.

I already voted at the awards weeks ago but I voted again as my other persona.

Is it Advent yet? I'm going to start posting links to Christmas fics - Estephia's is an Advent one that deserves another airing and Twelve Days (Again) for the continuing influx of newbies to the fandom.

>>someone obviously thinks you're up to it.

Yeah, a lot of that has been said! But it's terrifyingly complicated. I'll say more when the time comes.


Advent starts tomorrow. I have a plan... Links sound good, but I don't think Twelve Days needs the works again, just a link. I didn't notice any significant interest to make it worthwhile, but that's up to you.

Congratulations on the good things, calming vibes on the scary.

::prods ex with plastic stake::

I don't remember a hook featuring in 'Black Widow'. Surely that's the sort of thing that would crop up only in BtVS/Pirates of the Caribean crossovers? Aargh, shiver me timbers!

I voted for you in a couple of categories but not the New Author one. Had I done so on the basis of the vote being transferred to the Best Author category that wouldn't have been fair to the genuinely new authors. And, as voting in the Best Author and Best New Author categories are mandatory, it would mean a vote for you and a vote for someone else as Best Author anyway, rather defeating the point. It's a shame that you got mis-categorised.

If you really could stake the ex, I'd be so grateful.

How about a hook on the wall?

It's an odd category to win, but I'm not gonna look the gift horse in the mouth. I'll put a hook into the sequel for you and it'll all make sense. ;)

Thank you! It's okay, I knew it was buggered either way. What irks me more is that no one noticed! I must try harder. :(

*sends good vibes*


But congratulations!

::Trains antenna on vibes::

Phew. I need some calm in my life!

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