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(no subject)

Had a nightmare of an evening trying to get the website looking better (if still not really decent). My web connection keeps dropping all the time (damn NTL!) which doesn't help, that didn't stop me breaking the website (for Firefox users anyway, everything looks fine in IE). I think Firefox and my old copy of Frontpage need relationship couselling.


I have to go to bed now, but if some kind soul with Firefox could nip over to http://homepage.ntlworld.com/bogwitch/linksandacks.html and tell me if the they can see the navigation picture on the side that would be helpful. If you want to be really, really nice and you have html skills, could someone tell me a) how to get the image map to display and b) how to make the tables display in the right colour?

I'd be very grateful.

/begging voice.

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I can't see it and I'm using Firefox.

Cheers. Hopefully I fixed it.

FF user here. Doesn't show up for me. :-(

Thanks. I did everything the same as usual. I just did it again and it fixed itself. :/

Nope, no image.

No amount of counseling can save Frontpage.

I'm beginning to believe that.

The sides are blank to me with Firefox

And in fact they are blank with Internet Explorer 7.0 too.

Hmm. I think it's playing silly buggers with cached files then. I think I've fixed it now.

No image for me (it should show on the left, yes?) in either Firefox or IE.

I have no net webdesign skills, alas.

Thanks for looking. I've fixed it, but I can't say how!

It looks to me like you've still got the URL of the image set to its location on your home computer, and not to its location on your web server. Your img tag reads like this:

[img src="file:///D:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Owner/My%20Documents/My%20Pictures/aawebpage/bogwitch/Bogwitch%20NTL/mainb.png" usemap="#FPMap0" border="0" height="911" width="243"]

And it should read like this:

[img src="mainb.png" usemap="#FPMap0" border="0" height="911" width="243"]

Except with angle brackets, of course.

Also you've got several other links coded as absolute (i.e. with your domain name in the URL) rather than relative (just the file name in the URL). This is no big deal if you stay on the same web host, but if you ever move your website to a new host, you're have to re-code those links. If you make them relative links, then you won't have to re-code if you ever have to move.

I didn't even know you could do that. That's how I though things worked before I made my first website, but I never got it to work like that.

I did everything the way I usually do. In fact I just re-did it all and it works now. I think this is the way Frontpage is doing it for me - the result of bloated wysiwyg-ed code. I will have to experiment.

Frontpage? Hssssssss! If you want a good HTML editor and don't want to go whole hog with something like Dreamweaver, I recommend Coffecup.

I understand the sentiment, it's just that I understad it! I do intend to branch out. I've been playing with Fusion, but I feel like it's fighting. :/

What color are you trying to make the table? You have the background color set to black, it looks like, so that's displaying correctly. I'm not sure if the bgcolor variable in the table tag overrides the bgcolor variable in the td tags--you might try experimenting with removing the one in the table tag. Whether or not the border colors display well may depend on the border width--you've got border width set to 1; have you tried it set higher?

Ok, as far as I can tell, your tables are displaying correctly. The border of the big outside one is orange (it's just incredibly hard to see because it's only one pixel wide) and the cells in the top row have an orange background.

The nested table in the right-hand cell of the big table is all black, but looking at the code, I don't see any cells where the background is supposed to be another color.

Oh. I will look into that,

Thank you for all your help.

I did say my html was rudimentary! I know enough to follow what you're saying, but not to have thought it through myself!

All the line on the page are meant to be orange, and they are in IE. I never realised there was a problem until I switched to Firefox.

I'm using Firefox and can see it now, whereas when you posted late last night, I couldn't.

Did you mean to link to your Links and Acknowledgement page though? And is the 'Home' button/link called 'updates'?

I fixed it this morning just by doing it all again. I still have no idea what was wrong.

>>Did you mean to link to your Links and Acknowledgement page though?

Yes. I just use the same image map so it kind of links to itself. The old design did that too (I'm too lazy remove the link!)

>>And is the 'Home' button/link called 'updates'?

'updates' is the new name for the old main page, because that's all it really was. I didn't see the point in linking back to the new main page because all the available links are in the sidebar anyway.

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