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Today was such a lovely Autumn day.

It was a day of soft honey-coloured light and long shadows, with a hard frost giving way to low, cold sun; and as I drove to my parent's house through the country, the leaves were falling off the trees in showers of gold. Beautiful.

It's no Highgate, I'm afraid.

Don't worry she's 'armless.

Not vampire friendly


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It may not be Highgate, but it's still beautiful, especially in that light.

It's the kind of light that makes eveything look pretty.

It was a great day for photography.

I must take a camera to some of our local churchyards sometime - but I don't think any are particularly photogenic. Yours looks quite scenic - the ivyclad lady is particularly tasteful, IMHO!

It's blowing such a gale here that I reckon any remaining autumnal leaves are likely to all have left not just the trees, but the island, by the morning!

Well, the older part of it was.

I think I'll get the wind later tonight.

My favourite light .Pretty pics! The colors are gorgeous all around here too.:)

It's a shame the best colours were on the roads when I was driving.

Lovely pictures! Here in California the leaves are still green.

We still have a few green trees, but it seemed like autumn had really arrived properly today.

Very nice old tombstones. We've only got modern ones around here, not nearly as interesting.

The old ones are always the nicest, but there was some interesting (and sad) newer ones too. There were quite a few big traveller graves and a whole area of stillborns.

Don't worry she's 'armless.

Hee. :)

Looks like it was a lovely day!

Yes, everything was so pretty. And today? Cloud again.

Beautiful. It makes me miss seeing the seasons change.

I never got this comment, sorry!

I love the way the wheel of the year turns, it feels wrong without 4 distict seasons.

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