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Another creative project off the list

More bloody icons for lateseasonlove. Once More With Feeling this time:

C + C as always

Resources listed HERE.

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Very nice. Took several Spuffy ones and will credit.

Thanks! I had to make sure I didn't over-do the Spuffy ones!

Spike smoking on the... sarcophagus? = teh pretty.

"Watch out, Miss Kitty's pissed on the carpet again" = teh lol.

I'm so coherent it hurts...

Couldn't resist snagging Spike on the sarcophagus, actually - just to let you know.

Oh, I like them a lot :) Snagged Spike and Spuffy ones and some Buffy.

So most of them then? ;D

Lovely as always, erm I''m confused though, easily done, no voting, right?

There's voting in December.

I particularly like Trapped and Rough Edges.

Ha! Very textured stuff - that's rather your style!

I'm glad you could read Rough Edges.

Wow. I think these are some of my favorites of yours yet. Taking.... oh, a bunch, mostly the Spuffies, but... Anya! Thank you!

Thank you!

They're very revealing of what screencaps I have on my HDD.

Very nice. Snagging -Magic and Spike smoking.
Thanks !

These are nifty. I like the 6th one the best.

You're not feeling the creative project love, then?

More the creative project avalanche!

Oh, nice!

I've taken a few and will credit.

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