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The Flash Mind Reader

(If you want to know, janedavitt has the answer in the comments.)

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My friend sent me this and I played it with the kids who were suitably baffled (as I was!). I know the answer now if you get frustrated ::grin::




Oh go on then.

Let's see if I remember...OK, there are only so many possible answers to the sum. Each time you play it, it gives all the possibles the same symbol so no matter what you pick, it knows. There are so many symbols, you don't notice it keeps changing. Does that make sense? It's been a while...

Yeah. That makes perfect sense. I knew it was exploiting some maths thing, but I'm crap at maths so...

And I did notice the symbols change. Still quite nifty though.


I'm still impressed even having seen how it's done! :0)

Your icon has made me laugh.

Thanks! Good isn't it? Sadly I didn't make it, it was viciouswishes

I've always been quite fond of dippy Harmony! :0)

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