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Just wanted to thank the someone/s who nominated The Heartstone for awards at Fang Fetish and Love's Last Glimpse.

I don't usually thank for nominations, (mostly because I like to kid myself I don't care so that I don't get upset when I lose!), but these were extra special because they were for my OC, Zelda. I've never been nominated for an OC before (not that I have many) and it gives me that extra toasty warm glow of satisfaction.

Shame the gap year student at work she was based on has gone back to Uni, I could have shaken her hand or something.

So Thank you!


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I don't have much else to say but thanks!

Well deserved - she was a very well rounded character.

Thanks. It's funny, she practically turned up in my brain fully formed.

Congratulations! She was a pretty cool OC.

Thank you. It's hard with OC's too know the line between getting them to do their job in the story and taking over.

Oh, definitely. Whenever I've had OCs I've always found that there was a lot more that I wanted to say about them than I could actually put in and not bore everyone to tears. Nature of the game, I suppose.

(This is where that fantasy writer I've forgotten with a grudge against fanfic appears and says that we should be writing original fic with our own OCs, not pandering to everybody else's tastes. Dammit. ;) )

It's easy to fall in love with your OCs and I believe that's natural, because if you're going to write say a novel, with them, you have to love them.

But with fanfic, people are looking for stories about the characters they love (which is why a lot of people can't fathom AUs, I suppose), they aren't interested in your pet character, they just get in the way of Spike (or the porn)!

Fic is a different discipline.

Completely agreed. It's a different discipline with reading as well - I find it quite strange sometimes, picking up a book and realising that I'm going to have to get to know the characters.

Of course, I reckon fic has made me much more discerning generally. I don't take any sort of 'semi-autobiographical' nonsense anymore; if someone's written a Mary Sue, they've written a Mary Sue and that's the end of it.

May I upload chapter 3 and 4 of Black Widow to Just Rewards? :-)

Are they not there already?

Nope just chapters 1 and 2! I was going through recently reviewed and realized those were missing - figured you just busy but wanted to ask!

Hits head you know never mind I hit the wrong button

*hits head*

LOL I think i need more caffeine before I start through the site - runs off to dance happily and reread! I do love this story!

Thanks for the reviews. It all goes to motivate me to write the sequel!

Sequal - really - really really? SQUUUUEEEE! Oh please please post it to Just Rewards so I can read it - since it is a sequal it will be allowed *does happy dance of joy! (Why yes I am very happy about that!

Okay. The original had a lot of unanswered questions I still feel the need to address, it'll be a part two really. I'm going to look at writing it in the spring.

I look forward to reading it!

That's what I thought - I can see them!

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