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Halloween Redux

I actually had a Trick or Treater yesterday! Something quite unprecedented in my flats. Of course, I had nothing to give him under the circumstances. I told him to come back today to get rid of him.

He bloody did, the little squirt.

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You should have given him a toothbrush.

That would have ensured you never getting another little quirt at your door.

Well, don't leave us hanging by a twig! What'd you give the little squirt?

A Galaxy bar bought from the tea lady, if you must know!

I trust you gave him money.

I suppose you could've legitimately told him to piss off without repercussions, doing it a day later. Surely it doesn't count?

I did ask him to come back, but I was hoping he'd take it as a polite hint.

I think you have to admire his spirit there - that lad could go far.

Ha! Especially as I don't think he was that impressed with the Galaxy I gave him.

I don't 'do' hallowen, but have been known to say, come back and sing a Christmas carol, yeah 6 weeks or so later, they'd returned, boys...out of tune, giggling, can't remember the words, but still and all, persistence=virtue?

While I do Halloween, I don't do Trick or Treaters really. I think it's dangerous and gives out mixed signals to the kids. We're not set up to do it properly.

I could do without Carol Singers, unless they're the really good sort.

That's just rude... but then I s'pose bolshiness is to be expected from someone actually willing to go to a flat.

Hmm, yes but not in this case really as he's the son or step-son (or something) of the bloke who lives downstairs. And I do have a bat candleholder hanging outside - I'm a safe bet!

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