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My 2p

I am so glad I got my slash opinions out last week. Right now, I can't be arsed to get involved.

Although I have called myself a Spuffy, what I really want to read is good, logical Spike fic, and I mostly find that with S/B because that's what Spike wants and he's invested so much time in it. I can't get much into other pairings because they don't fit my Sunnydale. Sorry, that's just the way I read.

To me, it seems that maybe now is the time to abandon pairings altogether. Spike can't have Buffy anymore and (I hope) he's not likely to fall in love with anyone else soon. Maybe it's time for some "lone wolf" or friendship fic.

I'll still read the odd bit of smut though, 'cause sometimes I love it, but I don't live for it (no matter what I say) and it has to have a plot or I get bored.

I'm tired of fighting over writing/reading preferences. Right now that unread copy of High Fidelity is looking mighty tempting.

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