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Can I rest now?

What a weekend!

Just got in from the fireworks. Hemel has them early as part of their Halloween events. Sadly I forgot my camera, but it was good fun!

The rest of the day was spent decorating my friend's house for their childrens party tomorrow. I have the day off to help. I'm not sure I have the energy.

What else was there?

Oh yes... :)


Saturday was sueworld2003's Highdate trip. I had a fantastic time (except for the cramp I got climbing the hill, which I'm still suffering from). Everyone was amazingly lovely as always and my Plaice and Chips were superb.

I'm too tired to write a full report, but I'll see what I can do.

Got to the cemetery early as I got a really good parking spot. sparrow2000 was already there and were soon joined by kazzy_cee, sueworld2003, frimfram, shapinglight, serenitygal and Annikki, peasant_, kitty_poker1, vic_amy_z and vampirefever.

We were guided round by Richard, who lives in Switzerland and still finds time to volunteer at the cemetery.

Old Highgate Cemetery is very overgrown. The 'managed neglect' just adds to the atmosphere, as did the mournful leaves falling from the trees.

The Victorians liked their Egyptian themed monuments. Fancy being interred in there?

Or perhaps in one of these fine vaults?

If you stand too close you'll see her knickers.

At least she isn't lying down on the job:

If this one was in Sunnydale, you just know they would be something important in there:

The New Cemetery was a lot less romantic, but still had it's fair share of interesting funeral statuary:

Someone important:

Then it was off to the pub for grub and a chinwag!

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Isn't Highgate where Sir Richard and Isabel Burton are buried? Very nicely gloomy with excellent statues. And of course, Mr. Marx.

Dunno. Maybe. We didn't see them anyway.

Mr Marx has a very grand monument.

Lovely photo's love.

I'm so glad you enjoyed it, even though your legs are probably cursing you!

Thanks. A lot of them had some camera shake from giggling!

I don't know what it is with my legs, I've been getting cramp in them going up hills since the year dot. When I was much younger and fitter, I used to walk the 3 or 4 miles home from school and then up the hill we lived on (much less stesp than Highgate Hill!), but I still used to get cramp then.

It's a very serene and darkly romantic place.

Roots = broken tombs with all manner of horrors underneath!

Those are rather impressive!

I like the Egyptian themed ones - S2C says he is not even thinking of shuffling off this mortal coil until we have finished building him a very large pyramid - as we haven't started yet he is going to be around for a good while!

I was brought up in a household where visits to churchyards were a normal feature of Sunday outings - this is one trip that I would definitely have loved to have been on.

There was a pyramid! It's just my photo wasn't very good (and it was rather hidden in the bushes).

I used to walk through one everyday on the way to school, does that count? :)

And we'd have loved you to have been there.

Now that's a satisfying cemetery.

Great pictures! Love those creepy crawly overgrown roots.

Oh absolutely! It's a wonderfully overgrown warren where everything is returnin to earth. How it should be really.

This really does look like a Joss-set as much as a real cemetery! Lovely pics - really atmospheric. I'm glad it was a good day.

Good luck with the party tomorrow - been there, done that, had the clothes covered with unmentionable goo to show for it.

There's defintely some jossish tombs, but with the falling leaves and the mass of trees, I think it felt more Tolkienesque.

It's going to be a long day.

Wow. Those are stunning. I'm fairly certain we haven't got any cemeteries like that around here.

No, you probably look after yours properly. :D

My left calf muscle is still complaining today! I'm not used to climbing up hills that steep either (although I did used to live at the top of a hill like that). I really enjoyed the trip.

I'm glad I'm not the only one then. Both my calves are still stiff this morning. I knew it was going to be a killer when I climbed down it.

Sounds like you all had a wonderful time, thinking of you.

The tombstones and crypts/valuts have great atmosphere, love wondering round old graveyards myself, they always put the ones the rich and (in)famous up steep hills, so they can look down on the rest of us even in death?

I bet they do! There was one ginormous tomb there for a wealthy Jewish publisher who had never really been accepted into the upper levels of Victorian society because he was foreign and threfore not from the right family, and it's plonked right in front of a load of expensive vaults. Just to annoy them probably!

Great pics and it was lovely to meet you again.

And you! I hope to see again for Kensal Green!

Fantastic photographs! I'm glad you had such a great time. ::squishes::

Thank you! It's hard to take a bad photo of such a lovely place (though believe me, I managed!)

Lovely pics...I really ought to try and get to Highgate next time I come over.

Make sure you have the walking shoes on then!

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