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The Wintercon UK Minimeet weekend


That was a wild and intensive weekend! I hardly know where Sunday has gone!

The Writercon UK minimeet was a great success and all the attendees were so lovely (and wonderfully focused (mostly on naked spike!)). Makes me very optimistic that we'll get a UK/Europe con off the ground.

As an ice-breaker, we all did a drabble or a bit of art. Taking things too far, as usual, I did both:

Doomed Destiny by Bogwitch
(BtVS, between Seasons 3 and 4, Spike/Harmony)

The club’s name could be ‘Destiny’, but Spike doesn’t care.

He needs a crowd and gets one, the dancefloor full of the young and tasty. He’ll feed well, but later. He’s seen something better.

He cuts through the crowd, drawn to her blonde hair and the way it whips as she dances. She spins and he catches her. Meets her eyes, but they’re dead and empty. Perfect.

She smiles. “Hi, I’m Harmony!”

She doesn’t resist when he kisses her.

He can’t remember which he’s forgetting; the light or the dark. This girl’s a fantasy, but for one night she’s his.

And the matching wallpaper:


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Cool pic : ) Glad you had a good time too. Do you know what the story is on the UK/Europe con?


I do, but things are at a very early stage as yet, so I can't say much as nothing can be promised until we have futher plans. But things are looking promising...

Ok cool! ive never met any of you guys but would love to so i hope it goes ahead and i can make it : ) If theres anything i can do to help just let me know.

Delighted you had fun. Spike and Harmony...had to be something there.

Oh that is excellent and the wallpaper is lovely.

Sounds like the beginning of a longer story to me.

*runs and ducks*

I'm consumed with envy over your minimeet. Glad it went well.

It could be, but it ain't gonna!

You would hace loved the meet, I think. Everyone got on so well and we could have filled in a lot more time just nattering about fic and life and naked Spike!

drawn to her blonde hair and the way it whips as she dances. She spins and he catches her. Meets her eyes, but they’re dead and empty. Perfect
An evil version of Buffy, just the perfect one nighter for Spikey.

But he got way more than he bargained for!

Aw, Harmony. Nice echo, too, of "The Girl in Question," in a way. Huh!

And I love the wallpaper. Is that a disco ball?

Mm, yes. That hadn't occured to me!

Thanks. It isn't a disco ball, but it is a nightclub light rig. I was orignally aiming for a smoky clubscene with turntable but it didn't work.

Perfect Spike/Harmony vignette. And the wallpaper is of the pretty.

Glad you had a good time!

Thanks. The prompt was 'Fantasy' and finding an interesting twist on that was tricky!

Glad you had a great week-end ! It sounds like it was everything that you expected . :)

Enjoyed your drabble - I love the way you write them. And the wall paper is beautiful ( too beautiful for Spike/Harmony..
.. Kidding !

.. So , you love the blue color, then ? ;-)

Caught me! I do love blue, yes or at least my muse does...

Thanks, I love Spike/Harmony wasn't too distrubing for you!

I'm glad you had such a great time! :D

It's great meeting up with people who don't mind when you waffle on about Spike for hours!

Gorgeous drabble and wallpaper. I have always liked Spike and Harmony together.

The new Mercedes McNab Playboy photos came in very useful!

Nice. A little bleak (I'm one of those who feels like Spike was too hard on Harmony, even if she was a brain-dead twit [I have selected the appropriate vowel]), but very nice.

oh boy!!!

oh boy a vampy at last get your teeth into thi.s and go completely stupid

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