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lateseasonlove's September Icons (a little Late)

I'm doing the lateseasonlove's icon challenge again...

C + C as always

Resources listed HERE.


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Just popping in to say....

Congratulations someone nominated you at the Burst into Flame Awards for
your fic, Black Widow.

You were nominated in the following categories:

Most Unique Fic Title
Best Hook

Judging begins November 12, 2006 and winners will be announced November
29, 2006.

Please stop by the site at http://awards.burstintoflame.com to pick up a nominee icon to post on your fic!

If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me at
admin@burstintoflame.com and stop by the site to nominate some of your
favorite Spuffy fics!!

Good Luck and Congratulations Again!


Sorry I haven't caught up sooner, it's been a very busy weekend!

Thank you! I have put and code and a link up on my website.

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