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lateseasonlove's September Icons (a little Late)

I'm doing the lateseasonlove's icon challenge again...

C + C as always

Resources listed HERE.


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Oooh, Anya! That "Life in the Fast Lane" has so got my name on it! Thank you!

Thanks! I was going to put 'Stop the world, I want to get off', but it didn't fit. I think 'Life in the Fast Lane' is much better in the end.

Lovely work. I've snagged Anya/money, suitably so green ::grins:: And I also took Giles, I love it. Thanks!

Thanks. I like to think Anya's basking in the glow of the ATM machine. :)

So lovely . I like what you do with the colors and now you seem to know perfectly well what words to use . ;-)
I'm snagging all the Spike 'ones , and the 'Always walking away' .
Thanks !

Thank you. I spend a lot of time thinking up the words, I can assure you!

Love the coloring! And snagged Spike :)

I really like 'Always Walking Away' and the Spike 'Rebel' ones, though I think my favourite of the bunch is actually Giles. That one's just lovely (I may snag...).

Ooh, you *may* snag????

I'm quite plesed with Giles, he came out very well.

/have snagged. ;)

He is nice... he looks like there should be fog or something.

I thought he looked like a serial killer myself.

*shrugs* Same difference. It's nice. ;)

I'm drooling over those Spike icons!

That's perfectly understandable!

Just popping in to say....

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Sorry I haven't caught up sooner, it's been a very busy weekend!

Thank you! I have put and code and a link up on my website.

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