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More denizens of the sea...

I've had an icky tummy for a couple of days now. I think my cooking is to blame.

Here's a picture of an oyster bed wot I drew.

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Guts are better now. Eating less elaborate things helped!

Always does. Oddly enough, toast, bananas, and weak (milky) tea do work. But no doubt you know that basic chunk of in information.


White toast. No bran!

Plenty of liquids and potassium but nothing to get you going again.


Need to expunge!!!

Expell...That used to kill people, you know.

Oksy, but boring. Speaking of which, I have to go back now...


Eww. Off goes my eldest and I have to do un[leasant things at 6 PM. So I am chivving you off and my eldest at what is to me 8:25 AM.

It was about 1.10pm for me.

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