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More denizens of the sea...

I've had an icky tummy for a couple of days now. I think my cooking is to blame.

Here's a picture of an oyster bed wot I drew.

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Don't ask me; you're the seafood-appendage queen. I'm the vegetarian. But I can't say I've ever heard of a poisonous coconut.

Ah, yes. But... but... Some of you eat fish!

Beware of rancid coconuts, they send you coco-loco.

I've always thought that was a bit harsh on fish.
Friend of mine was vegetarian but ate fish in the sincere belief that they don't have hearts. When disabused of this notion she packed in the whole vegetarian thing altogether.

At university I had a friend who was a confirmed vegetarian - who ate sausages - maybe she had read somewhere that there was so much rusk in them that there was hardly any meat....or something!

'Delusional' comes to mind...

'Stupid' came to mine.... ;~D

Heh! I suspect there's a long and chequered road between actual animal and your average sausage, but that's not really an excuse... or anything to which I want to devote any thought at all...

Hee! Me too. If you're going veggie, you can't discriminate.

I swallowed a fly while cycling once and had to do penance.

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