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More denizens of the sea...

I've had an icky tummy for a couple of days now. I think my cooking is to blame.

Here's a picture of an oyster bed wot I drew.

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Not seeing the causal link. But, awesome.

Get well soon.

There isn't one.

I'm blaming coconut or king prawns (are you meant to eat the legs?).

Personally I think this tummy thing is a computer virus - so many people on LJ seem to have tummy ache at the moment.

I hope yours improves faster than speakr2customrs is doing.

Mine's mild really but worrying because it won't go away.

S2C still sick?

I like your drawing. Hope you feel better soon.

Thank you! I was bored.

I just feel... icky. Hopefully it'll go away overnight.


You should eat out more... or have a lot of sandwiches.

My voice has gone weird enough to be funny, if that makes you feel better?

Our tealady at work has that, I might soon be joining you!

Gotta keep hold of the pennies for the moment.

Well, I hope you're feeling better soon. You don't have the spinach/E. coli thing over where you are, do you? I think it might be just here in the States....

Sending you some chamomile and ginger tea, and toast, and hugs as well.

Thanks. Not much chance of me getting spinach poisoning! That might actually be the problem...

so pretty much i heart you!! i stumbled across your spike page with all the fanart and literally, my jaw dropped at pretty much all of your stuff! i'm amazed! also, snagged a whole bunch. will comment.
-love me

Why, thank you very much!

Art is pretty much a sideline for me, but it's nice to not have to worry about plots and characterisation and just play with pretty pictures!

Heehee. So what did you cook?

Also I like your drawing, but when i first saw it I thought those tasselly things were the skeletal hands of someone. Macabre. I thought you were trying to make a statement about us feeding our food. Heh.

Also, is it coming out of boyh ends? (S7 shoutout to Dawn) :D

Fried Thai-Spiced King Prawn...er...lumps. My own recipe.

They supposed to be anemones, but by that point I was getting lazy. There was no statement beyond 'I wonder if I can draw an oyster?'.

It's coming out of neither end, sorry to disappoint you. Rhough it might be better if it did, it's just achey.

I hope the tummy feels better soon, and the oyster bed is cute!

I see the spinach jokes have already been made. Oh well. ;)

An icky tummy... not fun. Peppermint tea is also good for calming down an upset stomache.

I heart your drawing. Looks like something you'd see in a children's book.

I didn't have any to hand, but the pain has passed now.

Thanks, I was rather proud of it.

Isn't ground-up pearl supposed to be a remedy for stomach ills or some such?

I hope you aren't driven to finding out.


Hee. Certainly can't afford that!

I'm better today. Too much rich food, I think.

(I will get back about the beta later - but thanks!)

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