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soundingsea's having a love in!

Sign up then tell me you love me. :)


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Can I just say I love you anyway?

It's all welcome!

Thanks, Love you too.

I love ya! Even my kitty waves a fat paw in his direction and sends his deep affection!

Cheers! You too and a pat for the cat.

So, I was reading somebody's comment and had this spontaneous fit of laughter - anybody you know?


I have no idea what you're talking about.

I had a feeling you would say that.

You know I've got to live up to it now... *cackles*

It's like staying up late chicken.

Too true - and I was just thinking I should probably go to bed.

We'll have to do it one weekend. Night.

*cannot take the high road*

I don't have to go there to tell you that...I'll tell you right here: bogwitch, I love you! I love your wit, your snark, your writing talent, your directness, your personality and so much more. I'm proud to have you as a friend.

Thank you. Love you too despite the straying into Dr Who territory. :)

I'll forgive you.

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