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More begging


Remember me?

You know, Bogwitch. With a B. Yes. Bogwitch

I don't feel like I've posted in ages! And that would be because I haven't got anything to say - my life is too dull. Creative drought means no fic or art to post! ::whail!::

You can cheer me up if you like by voting at the lateseasonlove Icon Challenge again:


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What brilliant icons! I love that Kitten Poker Champion one.

Have voted and am off to snag some.

I lost in two catagories, eat bones.

I have come to the conclusion that you speak in Haiku.

Oops! I may have misunderstood the voting thing - but :Waves: anyway.

Hoping to see you at Highgate.

I didn't exactly say, 'vote for me!' but it is implied. :)

I think all those icons are shareable, just look through the community to see who made them.

I voted for number 22. And spookily, after I had done so and was merrily snagging it, I found out it was one of yours! Cross my heart, it's true. So, good luck!

Cheers, while the idea is to try to get my FL to vote for me, I think voting honestly is more important.

Hey! I remember you. Bogwitch, right?! ::gigglesnort::

I think you're just humouring me.

Okay, I've cast my vote...don't know if it was for you, though.

I'd rather win on merit. :)

Just saying hi. I've not had much chance to keep up w/ the FL lately, so hadn't notice you'd been quiet.

Hi back.

Not that quiet, I'm incapable of that that, but not very posty.

How nice to know that you aten't dead! I been and voted - but I don't know if it was one of yours or not. You should have put a little PS 'mine are...'!!

You should already know! :D

(personally I think it's rather obvious)

I voted! Guess which icon I voted for (hint, it's this one). ;)

Sorry your life is dull at the moment. I'm sure it won't last. The dullness, I mean. Anyway, good luck with the challenge!


My life is always dull. I haven't figured out what could make it interesting. I've never been one for the boring detail though. I don't suppose people will care that I drove the parents to Peterbrough to buy a car or I spent this morning burning backing up my hard drive. :/

I was thinking about you today. Waves:)

I voted.

That's nice, thank you (I hope!). Were you wondering why I haven't written anything for ages?

i love the light one best. Its how i see you and how you should see yourself again :D full of light and posertive feeling.

Look inside your heart and soul to find whats wrong with you then you will be able to write again. believe in yourself and stop doubting love yourself and your work and you will enjoy it again and it will come flooding back to you.

remember the film shakspear inlove? You need to find what makes you happy again and what inspires you then you will be able to wrire again just like william in that film. He found his muse and will to write again. You can find it too.

I believe in you

love and light

Thanks. You have made quite a transformation, I think I need to do something similar. I'm thinking more about de-cluttering, decorating and moving stuff about though.

I didn't make the light icon myself, but my work was generally lighter and more colourful than most peoples.

Actually, I have been feeling more positive about some things lately. There's an end in sight for some of my biggest worries.

I have never seen more than five minutes of Shakespeare in Love, but I get your point. I do have a problem with my muse at the moment. I'm a bit bored with LJ. My FL is huge and I don't have time to read most of it. But no one is posting anything interesting that excites or movitaves me.

Bogwitch... I seem to remember... something to do with cats in hats?

Voted - I think I even voted for the right one.

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