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(no subject)

I'm bored again. I'm lacking enthusiasm. I'm pushing round four different stories and not getting anywhere with any of them. I need some fun.

Know any?


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  • The Sneeze - this link takes you to his "Steve Don't Eat It!" entries, but this guy is pretty funny and, IMHO, entertaining usually.
  • And if you really want to kill some time mindlessly there's - Grow Cube

I have more useless mindnumbing time wasters in my Misc Favorites Folder if you should need them. I am at your disposal.

bwah! If you saw me you'd think I different, I bet. ;0>

Btw, I forgot this one. This one is not so much fun as it is really interesting, I thought. The Fantastic in Art and Fiction

I shall set about amusing myself.

The others are merely fun, of course, but I am a bit interested in what you think of that late-posted link if you have the inclination to check it out and spend the time to respond. If not, that's okay too ;o>

That last one looks very interesting actually, and a place I could spend a bit of time exploring (and nicking the pictures!). I'm not sure I'm in the mood to do a lot of thinking at the moment mind you so I'm not that sure of the point of it. Is it just an image bank (student resource) or am I meant to dig deeper than that?

You know, I have know idea how I personally would use it other than enjoying it as you stated you would but the site itself has this (and more) to say about its purpose:

Sponsored by Cornell University's Institute for Digital Collections (CIDC) this image-bank provides a visual resource for the study of the Fantastic or of the supernatural in fiction and in art. While the site emerges from a comparative literature course on the topic at Skidmore College, it is also intended to open the door to consideration of some of the constant structures and patterns of fantastic literature, and the problems they raise. In this sense, the materials presented here may find a use among students in a variety of disciplines.

Yeah, that's the paragraph that troubled me!

Oh, dear. Well, I certainly didn't want any of my links to trouble you. Let's shelve that link, then, for now and get you something a bit more mindless, shall we?

The mindless sticking objects on the cube for no reason is okay.


I haven't got a bloody clue love. Fun has been a been 'on ration' of late this way of the world.

*wanders off dragging her duffle coat behind her*

*sets her smooching Dalek on you*

Tiddles was never the same after that visit to Tower records....

Lol. Bet he's listening to The Lovecats!

Oh my! He's absolutely rocking out to my current listening, "A Praise Chorus" by Jimmy Eat World! Hee!

I've got Eddie Izzard. It's not quite the same.

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