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Drabble: Fate and Fortune (plus more icons)

Fate and Fortune by Bogwitch
(BtVS, Drusilla, Pre-Series)

Fortune’s Told’ the sign reads.

You want to know what the future holds. Will your life be long? Will you be lucky?

Jewelled curtains part and open an enchanted world, mystery draped in coloured gypsy silks. A woman sits waiting for you in curling wisps of Jasmine incense. She stares down at the cards; ebony hair shrouds a face as pale as milk in the dancing shadows.

“I already know your future.” She sweeps the cards from the tabletop. They flutter to earth as dawn breaks in her midnight eyes. Her face twists and fangs descend. “You’re coming to dinner.”

I promised some more icons:

C + C

Resources listed HERE.

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Excellent! So chilling and yet with a beautifully beguiling lead up to the horror of the final line.

And I am so snagging Spike the hero one - it almost rivals my hesadevilspike default.

'chilling and yet... beautifully beguiling' sums Dru up.

Hero should match the banner nicely, it was made from it. :)

Very nice drabble, and lovely icons. Snagging the Illyria "lost" one. :)

Great drabble! :)

Love the icons. Have snagged a couple of the Spike ones. Thank you!

And thank you! You're welcome.

::Grabs wallet:: Great! Where shall we go? has a massively good raw bar and an insane bartender.

Raw Bar looks dodgy. But can I skip the main and have three puds?

Chilling drabble - I liked it.

And icons - so pretty! I rather love the red/orange Spike one, just for the barcodiness, but I'm going to restrain myself and only snag the first Illyria one on the third row because it's gorgeous. (I mentioned the first on the fourth before, right? That's also lovely.)

Go on, you know you want it...

Nicely creepy drabble and I'm taking Hero Spike. Thanks.

I love creppy. You might have guessed!

Oh I do love the idea of Gypsy Dru - very clever.

I was thinking about Dru at the funfair again!

Those icons are wonderful. I'm taking 'Heat and desire' and the red one of Spike.

Enjoyed the drabble. The words I often associate with Drusilla are fascinating and terrifying .I didn't like her character much on the show, and fanfiction increased my love for her.

Thank you!


I didn't like Drusilla much at first, but I appreciate her more from writing her. I like writing about nasty things in pretty ways and she is great for that.

I took anarchy. Of course I did. *g*

Hey You!

lilacdream7is now quirkycutee Come join the party ^_^


Woo! Gorgeous tactile Drusilla piece. So vivid.

And ooh, icons pretty! The "I command" and "Anarchy from the UK" are probably my favorites. Thanks!

Alas I couldn't fit Spike slipping in behind and sinking the fangs in. :(


great Dru writing. thanks!

I love that last line. Everything leading up to it has that airy feeling, then Drusilla gets all down-to-earth. Great.

Ooh Pretty! I've snagged number 7 and number 10 for use later. Of course, will credit. And I absolutely love that little teaser drabble.

Thanks for sharing


Thanks. I now have Drusilla on the brain.


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