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lateseasonlove August's Icons

lateseasonlove's August challenge had a ton of choices. So...

C + C

Resources listed HERE.

Alas, all your voting in the July Challenge was to no avail but I did get the mod choice!


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Worries for you.

The Dawn one is beautiful and there's a certain 'je ne sais quoi' about rakish uncle Giles.

The Dawn one is a long way from being my favourite. I think that set of texture works much better for Illyria.

I'd worry, I have another icon post and a drabble to post yet. (Maybe tomorrow)

Lovely set of icons.

Can I grab a few , please ?

I love the colours in these. I took Cranky and Premenstrual; I can use them to notify others to skip my posts.

*giggles at Buffy*

I do like 'drunk' and, as usual, the Spike with swirly bits. Clem's funky (I think I prefer the red one), and I really like the checkered thing you've got on a few of them.

And I really like the new Illyria ones from what I've seen - especially the one you've been having as your default.

Last point - congratulations!

This batch was just made for the dirty jokes.

The Illyria ones are from tomorrows batch!


Well, congrats on the mod choice. I think the votes can easily be lost by just one or two, but a choice means you were specially picked.

I quite liked Buffy Blue and Drunk this round.

Thanks. I've never been a Mod Choice, not even with fic.

I like the drunk one too. :D

I really like the Blue buffy one -- I'm snagging that. Hope that's okay -- I'll credit you!

It's just right for you, being blue and everything. Enjoy!

Waiting for Spike with mouth open and an anxious look? That's it, my mand has fallen completely in the gutter.

It's where it was meant to be. *g*

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