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Random Icons

Thought I'd finish some icons off today:

Feel free to pinch. C + C

Credit to Resource Makers here.

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I love "worth it", and the other yellowy Spike one.

These are all beautiful but I love Blood. I'm into deep intense reds!

Thanks. That red one has been knocking about for awhile, but I couldn't finish. I have definetely been in a finidhing icons mood.

I've made some more, but I'm not sure it's worth posting them yet.

I've made some more, but I'm not sure it's worth posting them yet
That one is. I love the clarity and lack of fussiness - and of course it's my favourite colour.

I'm not so fond of this batch - yellow and red are colours I tend to avoid.

Everyone kept telling me they preferred the warm colours. I have to say I'm with you in the cold camp.

I am very pleased with this one. I got a very nice set of textures from naficeh and they're working out well.

I need to spend more time actually learning to use my graphics program instead of just dinking around and saving something when I like it. The trouble then is I'll too much time learning graphics instead of writing. I too easily distracted.

I love the Illyria icon as well!


That's all I do really. Then a tutorial comes up on lcon_tutorial and I'm off again.

Lovely stuff. Especially like #7 for some reason, so snagging that one for now. Cheers m'dear :)

No problem. I have some more to to come, I'm just buiding up the set.

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