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Sod Big Brother, I'm reliving my horsey youth through the celebrity show jumping! I miss horses.

As you can tell I am bored with nothing to say.


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Isn't everybody? Posting about the weather got a big response.

Everybody seems to be away or quiet. I'm not getting very far with creative pursuite, so I have to say something!

It's one of those days, isn't it?

It's been like that for a few.

I too need some creative stimulation - but celebrity show jumping is pushing things a little too far.

I think the show jumping is but a distraction. I seem to be starting a few things lately, but not developing anything solid.

Oh! Who's still in? I had a soft spot for that Anna Ryder-Richardson in the one show I got to see. Plucky little thing.

I miss horses too. I don't miss the pain that came with the last time I rode one, though.

They kicked Paul Nicholas out last night. They had a speed competition and Sara Cox won!

I never got saddlesore so I don't associate riding with pain (apart from the time I fell off onto tarmac).

I keep thinking I'm ready to write something but when I try—nothing. Getting lots of charts done on my original fic though. Hope that counts for something, but I won't know until I start writing.

I'm reduced to working on new banners for my LJ. Not really happy with that either.


I'd miss horses, but I was never around them. Just lions and tigers.

Have you read Jilly Cooper's book ``Riders"?

I have! It was just like reading all the horse books from my childhood just with tons of sex.

I miss dogs! ::gigglesnort::

I had an idea for (yet another) angsty fic for Seasonal Spuffy, and even went as far as making a little picture board for it in Word... but it keeps on coming out as crap. Also I think there's going to be a shift in fic-fashion against future fics of any kind and a return to the seasons (don't know why, it just feels like it), so I'm worried about that as well.

But anyway, boredom is boring. :(

Put some sex in it and it will be fine!

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