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lateseasonlove July Icons

My lateseasonlove icons for July's challenge...

A tough set. Hmmm


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The Willow ones are especially cool. Though I misread the text on the Tara icon as 'Dracula.' Probably to do with my screen settings. Or brain settings.

I'm taking the Spike 'Life of Blood' one. Thank you.


Hmm, Tara did look a bit clearer when I made it. Text is so tricky!

I've been cheating like crazy and blurring the area behind text lately. Usually works, but feels a bit hollow.

I have a variety of techniques from setting vector layer to hard light and making them into brushes (probably one of the best methods), but nothing beats a good font as large as possible!

Those are very pretty.

Very nice indeed, especially the Willow ones.

Thanks. I couldn't make my mind up again.

Love the Anya/Giles. Is there voting to be done?

There will be, but after the 15th.

I like the Giles/Anya too. These caps had lovely light to work with.


Remind us when the voting comes up. Please, cause I've got the memory of a gnat, and I want to vo...what was I saying?

Will do. I have the memory of a gnat too, but they'll give me a reminder.

Wow!! These are great :) esp the ones with Spike. :) The expression on his face when he is looking at Buffy is deep and sexy. I hate that there will be no Spike movie... Spike is perhaps one of the most captivating anti-hero/heros of our time and JW had only just scratched the surface. True JW is the creator but many a time the created has become larger than what the creator intended, taking on a life of their own. Fanfic does allow the exploration of characters further but a movie would have allowed JW & JM to explore the character without confined to the boundaries set by the series.

hmmmmmm I digress... it's just that many of the characters that I have studied in literature and film have not evoked the depth of feeling in me that spike does.... hmmmm digressing again.

LOve the icons... I would like to see a manip of Willow on a broomstick ala Bewitched... :)

Eek! Baby fear! I have it terrible.

Er... moving on... Thanks! I love those caps of Spike too. Spike in his prime. ::sigh::

I would have loved a Spike film too, but I never expected we'd get one. It's just not fair!

I do like the Willow ones, especially the sunsetty one. The Ganya one seems very sleek, which considering that cap I think is amazing. And I can't work out what the image behind/in front of Spike in 'Companion' is, but that one's damn cool as well - it feels very steady/nostalgic

I dunno, the Ganya cap cleaned up nicely. Better than the Anya/Xander one.

The image is a texture by it's the first on in the row for the 10 textures pack.

Ooh, pretty. Those brushes look nice as well, though I have no idea how brushes work.

But anyway, it was the actual expressions in the Ganya cap that made me think it would be a difficult one to work with, considering Giles looks a little like he's got a hernia.

You have to think of them more as stamps or punches rather than paintbrushes.

Lol. I thought about tweaking his expression actually.


*imagines a pasted on Smile Time grin* Hmm... (Obviously, you wouldn't do that. ;) )

Erm, I read Fragile as Dracula also...

I like the hint of self righteous smug about Willow's face, wroks especially well in contrast to the shiny amgic one, I think.

I would have changed it, but I don't have that version saved, alas.

Willow does look awfully smug, doesn't she?

(Deleted comment)
Some are more complex than others. The tricky part is finding out what works for each pic. Which is why there is three Willow ones. I couldn't decide which attempt was best so included all of them!

(Deleted comment)
Sorry, I seem to have forgotten to reply!

Thanks. My mind is as one tracked as yours then, it's very rare I make icons of anyone else (except Illyria, of course), this challenge is a good oppotunity to branch out!

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