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The Great Writing Avoidance Project

I've got writer's block so bad that it feels like a fortress around me. When I was a teenager the words seems to pour out of me in a torrent, but then it just stopped and I've only had trickles of inspiration since. Each word that comes feels like it's ripped from my soul. What's worse is that I know I can write competently, maybe not brilliantly, but it just won't come.

I think there's been several causes of this.
1. University sucking the pleasure out of it.
2. Work sucking my time up (and my will to live).
3. About the time it dried up, I drifted apart from my friend. We used to bounce ideas off each other and didn't mind getting as absorbed in it all as me. I've never managed to replace that influence.

Anyway, what has this got to do with my post?

Well, whilst avoiding the writing that’s so difficult for me, I've created a little web site to host my fic ::cough, cough:: and some 2004 calendars I've made. It's a little early, I know, but I've still got time to make more!

So here it is Bogwitch's Spike Page

Let me know what you think of the calendars and if you find any problems with the site.

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I visited your page. I liked it a lot. The calendars were purdy. I've stolen some for future desktop use. Emphasis on the future: it's only bloody August!

Whilst I was there, I also read the First Date ficlet, "Tattered Valentines". I'm not really the best at feedback and such, but I did like it! I don't know what else to say... but it was really good!


Yeah, I know it's only August, but that means I have plenty of time to make more! Besides, the Christmas stuff is nearly out! ;)

Thanks for the fic praise, there will be a sequel when I can get the bits out of my notes and into coherent form on the PC.

loving the 'smoke' calendar. there's one pic in the 2nd row of photos where JM looks like jailbait. love it.

& what neddies do you have on? between '90-'95 i was a rabid neddies fan. i wanted to have garath's babies.

Thank you. The smoke one was the trickiest of the lot.

As for Ned's it was mp3's of Kill your television and happy. They are a band that managed to completely pass me by, I was into PWEI at the time. Bob and I decided we were curious enough to download some. I have to say not too bad.

PWEI were a good band. i preferred the wonderstuff, actually. the neddies descended from both of them. "happy" is truly a classic, but "KYT" is kind of feh after you hear their entire catalog. their last album was incredible--they sounded all grown up & polished. like men instead of boys. that's when it ended, when they'd all finally pulled their socks up, gotten serious about themselves & music. jon's post neds band was good too. groundswell. they put out 1 e.p. & one album.

wonder stuff were alright, but I was a PWEI girl straight and true.

These bands all date from a period of time I lost track of music, about 88 to 93. I'd just grown out of chart music with the rise of the kind of pop shit thats still around now, and hadn't quite developed my adult taste. I liked Sisters of Mercy, Danielle Dax, PWEI, Japan at the time (along with some, ahem, more embarassing stuff). Indie/Alternative music at that time was really hard to hear and I kind of gave up until I started hanging around with some new friends who introduced me to loads of stuff I'd missed. I'm still catching up, hence the Ned's tryout.

It looks great, particularly the calendars :). I really like the thematic aspect, and all the variety you used. Keep 'em coming!

Ta. I've got plans for loads.

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