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Wireless Festival, Hyde Park, Sunday 25th June - a view from a pink blanket

gamiila and I met up with freakspawn and _mysteria_ for the last day of the Hyde Park Wireless Festival with the primary objective of seeing Depeche Mode (yep, again!).

And I survived! (I had my doubts I would)

I feel like death now though, but compared to how I was expecting to feel, that's pretty good!

I have a slight tan! And a Margarita hangover, but on with the pics (which Photobucket has worked its magic on to make really small, sorry):

...The stage was patiently expectant...

Lets zip, gentle viewers, through the afternoon's bill:


OK Go did a little dance and brought the house park down...

Wasn't expecting much from these, but they were good! Very entertaining and they covered The Pixies. When they did their dance routine at the end they were great.

The Fratelli's

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The Fratelli's being Scottish.

The Fratelli's reminded me a lot of Idlewild. They had a lot of energy which I liked and they made a racket, which I also liked. I think I could get into them, but the songs did tend to blend into white noise. I'm going to keep an ear out for them.

Thomas Dolby

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...No it's not Orbital's dad, it's Thomas Dolby pretending the last 20 years didn't happen in a very hot looking coat.

Tom was a rather surreal experience. I didn't know what to make of him at first, his material was a bit dated, but he grew on me. I'm not going to rush and get a CD but for a way to while away the afternoon, he was not bad!

The Dears

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...The Dears being dreary.

Time for a nap. They had potential. The tunes were nice, but the vocalist seemed swamped by the music and there was nothing to hook you in. I think there's a good band in there trying to get out - and failing.

The Mystery Jets

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Like a bunch of dad's in a pub band. The worst band of the day by a mile. They should have been much further down the bill behind the much better bands that kicked off. Whatever appeal they might have is a mystery to me.


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Na na na.

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I think this was Satin Chic, but I might be wrong.

Goldfrapp!!! They were great, sexy (sexist?) dancers and all! Unfortunately, this is when my camera batteries decided to go. I had to save the last bit of juice for DM, so I couldn't get a lot of shots of the dancer's bums. Just as well, really.

Depeche Mode

These aren't great. We got too pushed about in the mass, so we weren't as close. I also seem to have a lot of rather telling camera wobble!

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Martin. Trust me.

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Dave's voice was very hoarse, but he got though it. It wasn't as intense an experience as a stadium - the spread out nature of the festival dissapatied a lot of the energy, but they were still fabulous. Especially when they played Photographic, which was... I want to say awesome, but I'm too English, so fantastic it is.

I have communed with my gods again. I am content. Though I still miss Alan.

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Oooh, cool! This was tailor made for you...Goldfrapp and DM. Looks like you were close too. Lucky girl!

I saw Ok Go! last year when they opened for the Kaiser Chiefs. Hee. I thought their choreographed dance was hilarious and entertaining. I liked how they thoroughly embraced their geekiness. I liked their performance much more than the other opening act, The Caesars.

>>This was tailor made for you...

Yep! DM come through again. When I badly wanted to see Sister of Mercy, I got them supporting DM too.

OK Go shpuld have been much further up the bill so more people could have seen them. Good for them!

The Dears being dreary. Time for a nap.
That about sums them up. They have the odd good song, but ultimately they're rather disappointing.

You just feel thet could be good, if they just changed... something. I felt the same about Longview.

There's a lack of energy or something. A song of theirs that I quite like is Warm and Sunny Days, but the demo version is *so* much better than the album version. And everything else I've heard is just... blah.

I'm not familiar with Longview. They're British?

I'm pretty sure Longview are Britiah, they were supporting Easyworld at The Garage, so I doubt anyone would come over to do that!

I think they were Radiohead-ish. Lots of low, slow soundscape type stuff I think you need to be in the mood for.

My daughter is disappointed that you did't like the Mystery Jets - she points out that only one of them is a Dad - the guy who plays guitar, stylophone, maracas and other random things actually is the dad of the lead singer, who has spina bifida. But she was pleased that you liked the Frattellis - she is a fan. She wouldn't have minded DM either!

They all look like dad's anyway! I noticed the singer was disabled, good for him, just not in my ears.

I know there's a buzz around the Fratelli's, but I hadn't heard them. They were suitably grungey which was good.

Sorry. Took awhile to get around to you. I once saw YES and was blown away by Steve Howe. He was older than the 1970's posters I'd seen and I always had thought he looked like a dork.

The camera is a terrible liar. Keep up your interest in actual performance, that's all I can say.

I'm not sure exactly what bit you're referring to. The dad bit? I don't care about the performer's age. DM are hadly spring chickens! The Mystery Jets though were just like that though, the kind of stodgy pub band someone's dad might be in.

No. I meant that the cameras are liars. Terrible liars. And so are written reports. Go to all real venues that you can.

How lovely to see photographic evidence of a fantastic day out!

Hung over? I'm sorry, but not surprised, as we did have quite of few of those over the course of the afternoon and evening. Feel better soon, though!

You got back alright then?

I was fine, I wasn't drunk beyond that little tipsiness and I woke up okay except for the tiredness. But after a nap the hangover kicked in with a vengence!

You got back alright then?

Yes, got there in the end. Twas midnight before I got in, but since I'm on sick leave anyway...

Yay! Great piccies of a great day out! I loved loved loved the whole day/feel, and apart from a couple of dips I wouldn't change a thing!

The Margaritas were fantastic, and perfect for what we were doing!

And DEPECHE MODE RULE! Of course ;)

I just wish I had more battery juice (and the ability to hold the camera steady)!

I grew to appreciate the Margaritas, but boy, did they kick me yesterday afternoon!


_mysteria_ got ACE pics! Mine weren't too hot, but you can check them out now! Sorry that piccie of you is in there too though!

Yay for Tequila!


I think hers are f-locked.

sorry, she hasn't posted yet! I was looking at them on her camera on the way home that's all!

Okay, you're just confusing me!

I do apologise, didn't mean to :D

I went to see the Foo Fighters in Hyde Park the other week. Well, Queens of the Stoneage really... but luckily the Foos played some of the old stuff I knew. (A friend managed to get some tickets on so it was all very low-key.)

Anyway, they had this band called Angels and Airwaves there... and I'd looked them up and thought they seemed a little pretentiously irritating. It wasn't until we got there that I realised they had the bloke from Blink 182 in them. *shudders* Would rather forget that - so it's good to hear you had some decent support.

QOTSA? Cool.

I think I may have seen the Foos, there was a band at the 1996 Pheonix Festival that I can't quite remember. Whoever it was they weren't very memorable!

>I realised they had the bloke from Blink 182

Eek! I suppose 'pretentiously irritating' would at least be better than just plain boring!

Very. They did the whole slowing-down thing on No One Knows; it was great.

They're just about on the better side of generic rock, but I wouldn't call them memorable either.

Oh God, he started going on about how he wanted this band to make songs that people didn't just listen to in their cars and sing along to (after having played something generic and whingey), and then talked about all of 'our brothers and sisters' who were dying in 'Eye-raq', and how we should all show our support by singing the next song with him - a song which, from what we could tell, had very few lyrics.

Maybe you have a point.

At last I have made contact

Pictures good, although last one looks like Freddie Mercury! I'm glad you
had a good day, It looks a bit too much hard work to have a live journal,
so I'll just pop into your one now and again. My password is wrong so I
have to go anonymous.

>>>last one looks like Freddie Mercury!

Take that back!

That's the password I remembered, oh well.

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