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Housework or internet...?

Housework or internet... Housework or internet... Housework or internet...?


I'm bored!

I tried to do a drabble and it's crap. :|

I can't seem to make any decent icons they're all crap. :(

I have nearly finished the next chapter of the WIP and it's crap. :'<

I can't think of anything to write for seasonal_spuffy. ::wails::


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I so can't help with the muse issues (glares at my own dusty wips), but I can comment on the housekeeping... check out the icon. *grins*

That's so true.

It's not like the muse isn't there, it's just... dysfunctional. Humph.

Hate those days. :( And all my seasonal_spuffy ideas seem really weak.

If you're really bored - fancy critting someone else's 880-word Flooded FitB? It's (supposed to be) a shrouded rant about Angel... and you could be extra mean!

Or I could just post it, which would probably be easier. I'm getting a little sick of it now anyway. It should not have taken two goes to make a bearable draft.

Send it over! 880 words of Angel rant seems fun!

Heh, it's 916 now. And I'll warn you, you have to read between the lines quite a bit. This is Buffy, after all. She's deluded.

::tempts muse with chocolate:: ;D


Muse is on a diet!

'Muse is on a diet!' Hee. Aren't we all. ;P

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