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I'm not dead, I've been on holiday!

A weekend near Skegness and a day trip to St Tiggywinkles Animal Hospital, no less.

Alas, my camera ate most of my piccies, so you'll just have to imagine my seaside hell. The weekend wasn't entirely that though, my kind hosts, my friend K and her parents, made me very welcome in the Lincolnshire countyside, with village fetes and BBQs, so it was a nice couple of days. Then today it was back to my own parents to take my mum out to lunch for her birthday. We got to look at some sick hedgehogs and the world's first and only hedgehog museum.

I'm one tired and very hot Bogwitch.


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Thanks. I doubt many people noticed that I wasn't around though!

I would have noticed you were gone if I'd been around myself.

Hmmm. I'd probably like a hedgehog museum. Don't know that I'd like seeing the sick hedgehogs though. Poor things.

Some them only had three legs, but they're doing okay. There was lots of young birds to be fed too.

welcome back!

on a totally unrelated note, I saw this on a silly gaming thread and it made me think of you. not that I'd ever agree with the sentiment, of course :)

Hee! I love it. I sense a new wallpaper...

Huh. Hedgehog museum. How interesting! LOL Glad you had a good couple of days. Stay cool. Heard it's hot over there!

Thanks. It's very hot, and Bogwitchs don't do well in heat, they wilt.

Welcome back, sweets!! :D

Cheers! Good to be here!

It's a pity you pics have been lost! But i'm glad that you had a nice couple of days. The heat wave is here to last as it seems.

Welcome to LJ land .:)

They weren't all that exciting anyway, but it's nice to have something to show. I hate this heat. I wish it would get back to proper British summer weather.

I want to meet a hedgehog. I doubt I ever shall. I think that is a real shame.

My cats think that is a real shame too, but that is because they are stupid.

I've met lots of hedgehogs, it's a badger I wan to see. Alas, they weren't coming out of their set yesterday. :(


Nice to see you back.

Thanks. Stupid work still gets in the way though.

This must be the reason why LJ seemed slightly dead all weekend. I've been reading books, for god's sake...

Nice to have you back, anyway!

Haha! Resorting to books, it must be serious!

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