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Have discovered what was going on down the road.

A "madman" was threatening people with a sword and the Armed Response unit was called. All has been settled now, without injuries. Hurrah!

Life can be very exciting around here!

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Good God, a sword?

Glad that everything's taken care of and all's all right! (And yes, that IS exciting!) :-)

Yep, everythings fine here now. Doesn't look like anyone was hurt so a good result for the hoards standing watching!

Oh wow! You know, if you've got to have a madman in the neighborhood threatening people, a sword is definitely the way to go!

*envies you*

Hee! It's always exciting around here! Fires, midnight man hunts, madmen on the loose... it's great! Especially, as contrary to the above, it's quite safe round here.

It didn't even make the news. He couldn't have been that mad...

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