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Super Massive Black Holes

The world is sending me a message, I'm sure of it. Four mentions of Black Holes in one day? They're like buses!

First I see last weeks preview of this weeks Dr Who, then I hear a programme on the radio about Super Massive Black Holes, then I see Muse's new video for the first time (Super Massive Black Hole), then Dr Who again.

What is it telling me? Except that I possibly shouldn't have watched Pi this afternoon.

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(Sorry... I'm getting a little excited about the new album. I haven't bought any music in ages.)

I didn't realise until then there was a new one coming. I am excited now, of course!

So, what did you think of the episode?

Um. It was alright. I'm not a passionate watcher and I want to smack Rose/Billie quite regularly, but I enjoyed it. Much more than last weeks which was the same old story again.

What is it telling me? Except that I possibly shouldn't have watched Pi this afternoon.

Either that or it's a coincident of soap opera proportions.

Isn't irritating how harbingers of doom and harbingers of beneficence can both be so vague? ("event horizon" --- I hope fire in zero-gravity is not involved, no matter how pretty Lawrence Fishburne said it was.)

There's no point being a portent if you don't know what it's portending!

I remember being slightly irritated by Event Horizon, I'd learnt that fire n zeroG was invisible (so I just checked my facts. It is visible, but it couldn't be detected by the video equipment on Mir. So I at least I got it partly right. However, whilst doing the research, what do I find on the side bar of the article? A story about Black Holes!)

Pi is one of the most mind bending movies I've ever seen and I love it. But it does really start you thinking about coincidences and how many things or signs we may be missing as we walk through life.

I didn't love it, but it was interesting.

I've had it for awhile, but have never watched it before. I dug it out as I'd been listening to a radio series about the significance of certain numbers in Mathematics, and they had been talking about the ubiquitiousness of Pi and the Golden Mean in nature.

It seemed the right time. :)

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