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Drabble: Digging For Clues (Spike/Buffy)

Digging for Clues by Bogwitch
(Spike/Buffy. Season 6 BtVS. Written for thedeadyhook because I thought her idea of Spike turning human and helping people properly would be really funny if he joined Oxfam (whom I used to volunteer for, fact fans))

Spike stuffs the last of his clothes into his bag. "Sorry, Buffy. I have to go."

"But you can't! I need..."

He raises an eyebrow. This really is a first.

"You." Buffy says in a tiny voice, pretending that she isn't feeling the first prickle of tears. "You're the only thing that..."

"But Oxfam needs me, love. I already have my ticket to the Sudan; these people need fresh water. We're going to get some wells dug and put in standpipes."

Buffy's lip quivers. She's doing well, reining in the hurt, but its showing. "But I thought you dug me?"


I love that last line! Spike as a NGO volunteer in desert sun - nice concept. A shanshued vamp probably would seek out sunshine...

Especially one that's been living in California!

(Deleted comment)
Yes, but understandable. :)

Thanks! I wasn't sure it was actually funny, but people seem to think so.

Yay! He put that bitch in her place. :D

Ah, but will he resist that lip?

The thought of Spike as a do-gooder in the Sahara pleases me muchly!!

Cool drabble!

At least he's doing something practical.

But Oxfam needs me, love.
Teeeeee-heeee! :D Oh, poor Buffy at the end though. Nice repetition of the word dug. Heh.
Woot! Maybe he can give us progress reports on Chris Martin too /end shallow

I was digging deep for a punchline.

Maybe he could stick Chris Martin down the well.

*Hops about and bounces off the wall*

A pun! A punny story.

I loves them, and I loves this. (and, yes, my first day back to work has driven me a bit crazy).

This really is up my alley-word play, and symbolism, and a great Spuffy moment. I hope he'll stick to his standpipes!

I'm not a punner by nature, but this one just formed naturally. :)

Snerk. I used to know someone who insisted earnestly that when he was really redeemed, Spike would naturally gravitate towards being a social worker and leave all that nasty hitting people behind...

That just puts other images into my head. Luckily, I know very little about social work so I won't be tempted...

Oh. Good. Grief.

Time hasn't mellowed you, I see :)

Spike digging wells in the desert. Hee! He'll have to get some good sunblock after all those years of sun avoidance.

Hmm... can I put it on him? And can he be naked?

You think it would?

Just don't keep him out in the sun too long.

Bwah! I still love it. And hey, one way or the other, he still ends up going to Africa!

Hee! Poor Buffy. But she does have the power of the quivering lip...

Serk. Poor Buffy, realized too late she can't get between a man and his shovel.

She'd better be careful or she'll share the fate of her pit pony self, whom I brained with a shovel.


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