Bogwitch (bogwitch) wrote,

Dabble: We’ll Never Have Paris (Spike/Harmony)

Finally, the drabble I promised lillianmorgan:

We’ll Never Have Paris by Bogwitch
(Spike/Harmony. BtVS Season Four)

From the top, Paris sprawls romantically beneath the Eiffel Tower - a decadent courtesan, theirs for the taking.

“Spike?” Harmony asks, schoolgirl coy and sweet.

“C’mere,” Spike smiles, eats her up from under lust heavy eyelids. His eyes dazzle with desire. He pulls her close, purrs into her ear, “J’taime…”

She goes all gooey; she loves it when he speaks Italian. “Oh Spikey!”

He kisses her, hot and heavy. There’s no one else in the world…

“Harm! C’mon! There’s tunnelling to do!”

Harmony throws the brochure down. Maybe after they’ve finished in Stupid-dale he’ll keep his promise and take her.

Oh dear, I used the old 'it was all a dream' favourite. I'll get my coat...

Tags: drabble, spike/harmony

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