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I voted for Finland before you ask. For the audacity. You had to.

And coz I worship the god of rock. Yeah.

I don't believe I just typed that. .

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Me too! And also one for Norway - the use of the Hardanger Fiddle is to be encouraged, and she had a sort of Buffy-ish look about her!

*We* voted for Lithuania! The Finnish song just wasn't interesting enough. But I can understand your POV!

Oh the Finnish song was crap, but they all were. If I voted for my actual favourite song, I'd have voted for er... um. Ukraine.

You're weird.

But then you already know that.

I'd vote for them too, and I haven't even heard the song, just seen the make-up.

The song was irrelevant!

Irrelevant but winning, apparently...

Your fault.

It was a victory for orginality.

At least it wasn't yet another bimbo in a short skirt.

OMG! You didn't?! ::falls over laughing::

Lau was beside herself with delight over the Finnish entry. *sigh* Sometimes I wonder what I spawned.

Alas, I fear this is more than likely! ;)

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