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It never rains...

I've cut my finger open now. :(

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I think I need stitches really, but I had a bit of a childhood trauma.

It is ouch! It's gently throbbing at the moment.

Oh dear. Wide open? Poor baby. ::hugs::

Yup. I was washing up and a glass broke, it's cut a flap of skin about half the size of a 5p.

Are we going to have to bar you from the kitchen?


I can't believe no one has said anything about the scent of fresh blood yet.

I was undisturbed by vampires, so I think I'm okay.

Eeks! Hope you are feeling better!

Thanks, but not really no. I have a big slice through my finger!


I shouldn't do that again, if I were you.

Have you got a Frankenstein-like scar and big black stitches?

No, I won't have any fingers left!

I'm looking forward to the scar, but no stitches, thank god.

Gyargh! Have you tried swearing really loudly?

Does that stop blood flow then?

Startles it right back up into the capillaries.

I'll try that next time.


I think it's time to put yourself in a plastic ball and never come out...

As long as it has a comfy duvet and interest access, I'll be happy.

I think Ikea are starting a range...

Did you go to the doctor? A friend of mine cut his finger and he had to take antibiotics not to mention that he needed a couple of stitches.

No. I'm phobic of stitches!

Kisses your finger better. *there there hunny* and here is a nice spike plaster to put on it. all better now :D

Lots of hugz


It looks suspiciously like a Mr Bump one to me. :)

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