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Interview meme

I let lillianmorgan to interview me:

1. What do you love about writing Illyria?

Thinking up the insults definitely! Ask Illyria was a joy. I suppose I just like trying to get into the head of a character that thinks totally differently. She has a dizziying perspective, a little like riding a horse, where everyone else is just so beneath her, yet she’s beginning to learn that she needs them.

2. What was the best gig you ever went to? And why?

It’s either Glastonbury in 1995 or Sonic Youth/Prolapse about the same time. That Glastonbury was at the height of Britpop and almost everyone was there (no Blur though). My one disappointment was that I didn’t get to see Elastica because my friend desperately wanted to see The Cure (yawn). I think PJ Harvey and Pulp were my highlights. I'd love to see Polly again..

Sonic Youth are a band I have never really been into although I do like them, but they were just fantastic. Prolapse played their socks off too.

Honorable mention must go to Depeche Mode/Sisters of Mercy at Crystal Palace stadium - that was just a really special day.

3. What is the pairing/character that you really like writing but never seem to get around to?

Spike/Fred, they have a really lovely dynamic that reminds me of Spike//Tara, but I find them that pairing a little too sweet for my tastes these days. I would have to really subvert them to get enough interest going to write them. I was also thinking today that I'd like to do more Spike/Harmony.

4. What are your five favourite Spike scenes from AtS and/or BtVS?

1. Crush in the crypt at the end
2. The Gift stair scene
3. Afterlife stair scene


4. end of Intervention?
5. Gone in the crypt?

5. Siouxsie Sioux turns up unexpectedly on your doorstep. What do you do?

Tidy up very quickly!

If anyone wants me to interview them with completely inferior questions, then just say so...


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She has a dizziying perspective, a little like riding a horse, where everyone else is just so beneath her
Ooh, I love that. She even bridles :)

Sparmony! Please! And do you ever feel like drabbling nowadays? I love your drabbles. With or without Penelope.

If you'd interview me, I promise to be as interesting as David Miliband, as straight-talking as Tony Blair, as poetic as John Prescott and as open as Gordon Brown.

So not saying much then?

Being on a horse is such a superior position. It's wonderful! I just imagine that's how she feels.

I haven't got any Sparmony ideas though! It was jsut something that occured to me today, but has anyone ever written it with a happy ending?

I haven't had any drabble ideas either. Maybe I need a prompt. I've got a lot of junk I could knock into one, but I might need it for something else!

Um... I'd better go and think of some questions...

Okay, what does the world want to know about FrimFram?

1). What's the deal with Angel? What is it about him that makes him such a compelling character to you?

2). Is there a Jossverse character that you’re avoiding writing, or fills you with fear at the thought of getting right? How important is the characterisation of the characters to you and how did you go about regressing them to fit their earlier personas for Tracks, seeing that were never really saw that much of their personalities at that point?

3). You seem to have a fascination with the Victorians, that seems to have stemed from your academic researches. Is that true, or was it something that had eariler roots?

4). What do you enjoy most about the creative process? What is the most onerous task?

5). How do you go about developing your ideas? How does your inspiration come? You clearly do a lot of research, how much do you do?

Extra question, I’ve been stuck on a train in Czech for a while, now when do I find out where I’m heading?

Hm - done. I got long-winded.
Extra question, I’ve been stuck on a train in Czech for a while, now when do I find out where I’m heading?
As soon as I've finished writing gay porn for my spring_spangel day. Well, soon as I've finished that, then rediscovered any inspiration for the Czech story, and handcuffed myself to a desk with a computer on it. Sorry about this.

My mind is not being well behaved at all. I somehow managed to miss the last word of your current mood....well at least until I'd got totally the wrong mental picture.

Happens to me all the time.

Thanks for the Blur mention :) Suprisingly, I've only seen them once. I saw PJ Harvey at Roskilde in 2002 and she was *amazing*. I remember that I had to peer round a pole and jump up and down a lot to see her, but she was still absolutely brilliant :) Oh! And I once saw Thurston Moore in a record store when I was at uni.
She has a dizziying perspective, a little like riding a horse, where everyone else is just so beneath her, yet she’s beginning to learn that she needs them.
That's such a great way of putting it. I really agree that taking the characters that are as hard as nails and trying to get at their weak points is very intriguing.
More Spike/Harmony sounds interesting :)
Your last answer was completely expectedly unexpected ;)

>>Suprisingly, I've only seen them once

Twice. The Mile End stadium good was another high point.

PJ was fantastic, but is kind of expected. :) I was standing by the speakers and the bass line of Down by the Water was like an earthquake!

>>taking the characters that are as hard as nails and trying to get at their weak points is very intriguing.

Her weak points are so entertaining! She's as much a comedy foil as a character like Harmony. Actually, scratch that, Harmony is quite a serious character for me.

>>Your last answer was completely expectedly unexpected

It's just my usual policy for unexpected guests. A lady of her standing doesn't what to see my knickers on the floor.

Heeee! True. But I was kinda expecting dragging out the best china and/or questions on her next album *g*

Go ahead. I haven't done this meme yet.

Okay, give me some time to think something up. I'm not terribly good at questions.

1). Shakespeare. What’s your favourite Comedy/Historical/Tragedy? Which character attracts you most? Is there a play you hate?

2). Are there any books you would like to teach, but haven’t had the opportunity to? Are there any books you wish you hadn’t had to?

3). You have a wealth of good literature to choose from, what attracts you to reading fanfic apart from reading more stories about the characters? What annoys you most? What would you like to see more of?

4). Seen any good celebs at the theatre?

5). You get a voucher for unlimited travel anywhere in the world, where are you off to?

Given that you don't care for tender romance, I'm surprised that some of your scenes are the most tender Spuffy moments.

Admit it--you're just a softy, aren't you?

*ducks and runs*

Um. I am soft centred really. Note they are all Spuffy moments, while I do waver sometimes on whether I am a Spuffy or not, I do think those moments are when Spike is at his most interesting. For Afterlife, it's really about the look on his face that does it for me.

Have to admit some of my favorite moments come from the same reason. I was caught forever when Buffy slammed the door in Spike's face at the end of Crush.

The Gift was what really caught me. And the bed hair...

I want to comment on your interview, but I don't have time at the moment. You always write so much that I need a good bit of time to get my teeth into a reply!

I didn't actually start watching until FX started showing the reruns and I saw a lot out of order. (I was in the middle of S2 and decided to go ahead and watch the premiere of S6. Was I confused? You betcha!)

I've only seen this meme here and in gamiila's journals. I love to see how my friend's minds work. And having said that, if you want to and have time, I'd like to have you interview me. (But as I'm not the first to ask, I'd understand if you didn't want to do all of us.)

I'll do you! Just give me some time to think up some questions.

You'll do me? That's the best offer I've had in months...oh questions, that's cool too.

You're a cheeky minx on the quiet, aren't you?

1). Tell me something about the area you live that might surprise an outsider.

2). You work in what must be a very male dominated field, what made you want to go into it? Explain the juxtaposition of Engineering and Doilies!

3). What was it in particular that drew you to Spike?

4). I love the idea of the crochet porn community. Do you have anything to confess?

5). Inspired by my cut finger, what's the worst injury you've had?

I'd love you to interview Please hunny :D

1. Your favorite album for summer.

2. Name 5 things in life you are grateful for.

3. What's the best gift you've been given?

4. What one piece of advice will you pass on to your daughter?

5. Why do you never smile in photos?

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