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What makes an eeeeeeee sound like a startled kazoo and could conceivably be brought in by a cat?

This is not a joke. I'm cat sitting my parent's cats and they just caught something and I don't know what on earth it was. Mouse? Stoat?


it's a frog. Bugger. Anyone know to lure a large frog out from under a bookcase?

ETA: Got him.

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Har har. That's not helping.

I don't know what to do, I have three cats, a scared frog and no way of saprating them for very long. And I wanted an early night!

slug? now you just need a ferret to find the slug and then persuade the ferret to give up the slug, erm worm...?

Good luck, use rubber gloves to touch frog, 'cos, ew.

Cat at home chased in baby bunny once, that was way easier to deal with.

Do slugs make a noise?

I haven't any gloves and I don't think I can touch it. (that's if I could even get to it).

A ruler or a wooden spoon or something to try and spook it into coming out? (It works reasonably well with insects...)

Erm. Then I'll have to touch it.

Not really. Hazarding a guess - worms?

Worms don't shoot across the living room.

It's defo a frog. I was just wondering if it was dead when it jumped under the bookscase.

What made you so sure it wasn't a startled kazoo?

Oh - I see - mmm, flies?

Kazoos aren't known for their motor skills generally.

One of my daughter's few gifts is catching frogs that have been brought in by cats. Honest, she used to do it regularly for a friend up the road. If she started walking now she should be at your parents by...

Bother! Well it was almost a plan! ;)

So close, yet so far away...

::gigglesnort:: Go You!!

I hope I don't have to do that again in a hurry.

ETA: Got him.

Yay! As long as he survives to hop another day, it's all good.

He wasn't there in the morning, so let's hope.

If that fails you could sing(crock)the frog courus lol

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