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lateseasonlove Challenge Icons

I won the lateseasonlove icon compo! Thank you for voting!

I've already done my icons for the next challenge, Bargaining 2:

I couldn't decide which version of the Willow icon I liked, so there's both.

My winning icon was:

and I got a nice prize:



Wow, I love elsewhere and white witch!

Thanks, I couldn't stop slapping thing onto White Witch!

I couldn't decide which version of the Willow icon I liked,

The darker one. Oh yeah. Definitely.

The lighter one has more even skin one though.

Congrats. :)

The Bad Boy Spike and the darker version of the Willow are my favorites. Well done.

Thanks. I have to say I favour White Witch though.


And your new icons are absolutely gorgeous - especially love 'elsewhere', 'playing god', 'broken' and the Tara ones... will definitely snag!

Thanks! And thanks!

You caught that it was 'playing god' and not 'play god', I had a bugger of a time trying to make that clear, and I gave up!

Congratulations! You always use such beautiful colors. The "Elsewhere" one really calls to me in particular.

Elsewhere is a picture of the sunset that my dad took!

I like strong colour, so things tend to stand out.

I like your Earth Mother one. She isn't all smiley and doesn't necessarily look benevolent. In fact, she kind of looks like she's very disappointed in who she's looking at and isn't happy about having to punish them --- but she's going do it for their own good. That kind of Earth Mother (would she but visit Bush and his boys, all would be well).

Maybe she could get him to sign up to Kyoto? :)

Congratulations. That was the one I voted for.

And while I was there I had a go at the next challenge.

First attempt before reading the rubric about using </i>one</i> screencap.

Second attempt, having read the rules.

I never saw the 'one screencap' rule either. Just as well the Willow/Tara blend I tried didn't work then!

You first one is telling a more interesting story, shame that. The second one I think your text is a little too big and could be better used in the top right corner to fill all that dead space. Nice font though.

Beautiful icons. And well done for the prize!

Thanks, I have never won an art prize. I even got a D for GCSE, so I am very happy!

Congratulations on your win! And I love the new icons. The White Witch one, and the Xander/Anya one are my faves. Though you can't really beat Spike, so Bad Boy is up there on my list too!

Thanks for sharing :o)

Thanks. I struggled a bit with the Xander/Anya ones, so I am pleased how they turned out.

Congrats! These are all lovely and you deserve it!

Are these for sharing, by any chance? I just love the Buffy elsewhere one.

Thank you! I have never won an art prize before.

And yep, they're all shareable!

Love the Spike ones (is that a Hex font I see doing the rounds?) and the Tara ones - and I'm with people on preferring the darker Willow.

And congratulations on winning! That icon is seriously cool...

Thanks. I liked that one, but it wasn't the one that got all the attention, so it was a nice suprise.

None of them are the Hex font that I know of. Which one do you mean? I think 'Bad Boy' is 'Dreaming of Lillian'. Appropriate.

I prefer the colours of dark Willow, but the skin tone is better on the other. I'm fussy like that.

YAY! Well done, you :)

These are very cool, too. Love the Spike one (naturally), and with the others on the darker of the Willow ones (which is gorgeous). I really like 'Elsewhere', too, which considering it's Buffy is unusual for me.

It was a tight finish. I didn't expect the Buffybot to snatch it.

Elsewhere is the simpliest too.

Congratulations, Boggy! =D

I love your White Witch avi!

Yay! Many congratulations! :D
I'm so glad you've made new icons. I was quite concerned that the pictures were all so dark (erk! that episode is dark!) but these have turned out superbly :) I think I most prefer the second Willow icon, and I'm *really* impressed with the Xander and Anya icons because you've turned them into something completely different from the original cap. And awww the 'White Witch' one is lovely.
Tell me, are you going to post them to the comm? :P

I am going to post them, I just have haven't had time because I actually went out!!!

They were quite dark, but I have been taught the secrets of the lightening technique and I am now a Master. However, I couldn't do anything about the other Xander/Anya one as it was blurry and hard to crop. I will leave it to the truly wise!

They're wonderful, sweets! I love the Tara ones! *hugs*

Thanks. I just blobbed on the brushes until something nice appeared!


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