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Voting is on at lateseasonlove for the fic and the icon competitions here.

Not hinting or anything. ;)


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I voted! One is by far my favourite.

Then I thought I'd better check it was for one of yours...



It's not like me to ask, but if I'm going to lose, then I'd rather there was a lot of votes in the competition!

Mission accomplished -- hope it helps!

It's getting closer! Thanks!

You won! You won! Yayyyyy -- you won!

Thanks! Funny it was for one very few said they liked.

Crap! How did I miss that?!? *runs to vote* ;D

I hope you used your vote well.

Weee-hee! :D I'll just say thanks for the pimp :) (And good luck!)

I think I'm going to lose it anyway!

*Meh* I was too late :( sorry :( Puts her head in a dust bin ewwwwwwww there is fish scales in my hair *FAINTS DUE TO REALLY BAD SMELLING OFF FISH* hehe

Best have a shower, methinks. Thanks for thought, perhaps you can vote in the next round voting, which is in a day or so.

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