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This all I need...


I seem to have tipped the contents of a just boiled kettle over myself.

Don't do this at home, kids!


I seems okay at the moment, but I have tha horrible feeling it's going to get nasty.

OMG! Put the scald under cold running water for 10 minutes? Phone an ambulence?

Help! :O

It's in a really awkward place! Down my side. I HAVE to go to work!

I've got one of those ice pack things wrapped in a flannel on it, but I have a feeling it's just not going to be practical.

Oh! Owwww! *runs to get ice packs* Butter is supposed to work really well on burns, don't take my word for it though. *hugs you gently*

Ouch! Keep it cold, and keep an eye on it.

We're a right pair today.

Have you any lavender oil? That'll prevent the burn from setting in and any blistering. And it'll heal much faster.

Aloe vera is good too.

No, just cold sore cream!

I heard about butter working really well too. I remember when i was younger i put my hand on a hot plate and i screamed the house down. Our next door neighbour was indian and she said the best thing for burns is butter and she wraped my hand in butter and a cloth.

I hope everything will be ok.

lots of get btter hugz :)

Lots of get better hugZ not butter :P hehe

Too late to give any emergency advice now - aren't you glad? But I would say that putting butter on a burn as an instant-fix is really NOT recommended - it simply fries you as your skin is obviously hot when it has just been covered in boiling water.

Historically butter was applied to cuts and burns because it kept airborne bacteria out and is usually quite sterile - as long as it hasn't got crumbs in it! People didn't realise it was this that helped the skin heal, but thought it was something mystical in the butter.

Cold, cold, cold is the order of the day, until you have brought the skin temperature down. If the skin is broken or blistering badly the best first aid is cling-film wrapped around it - before or after the cold water then go to A&E if need be, complete with your cling-film. Ambulance men used to always carry cling-film for this when I worked on A&E (granted that was a long time ago!).

If you really want to go for the kitchen cupboard, honey is much better than butter for aiding healing - it has had almost as many clinical trials as dangerous drugs have had, and is proven to work!

Really though, I just hope it is feeling a lot better by the time you read this - poor you!

I do not think my immediate aid was any good (cold cloth. It was a bit of an awkward spot for running water), but I have been sitting with a an ice pack covered with a flannel round it most of the morning. I have a layer of cling film between them. It is rather numb now. Should I stop? No butter was ever applied!

I do not think it is an A&E job, I am not sure what they could do anyway unless it was really bad or large (its about 3 x 4in). It is sore, and I suspect it will blister, as it reminds me of a burn I had once before. I will just try to keep it clean and uncovered when I can . I could try the honey but think it will go everywhere! My main worry is that it is an area I have to cover in public and I do not have much choice but to go to work.

I once poured hot spaghetti water all over my stomach area. Put cold things where you burned the skin and keep them there as long as possible. It's going to hurt like a bitch but if you keep the area clean and covered with moist dressings you should eventually be ok. I was lucky that it didn't even leave a scar.
Good luck, I'll be thinking about you.

When you go to work just try and wear something soft and loose and keep the burned area covered with maybe a white cotton handkerchief or something like that.

Let us know if all is okay.

Hope it's not bad.

Thanks. Okay, so far. Depends if it blisters.

Eeeh! Are you all right?

Should be. I was worried for a bit.

(Deleted comment)
Thanks. Luckily most of it missed me. I'm not badly burnt. I'm just waiting to see if it blisters. It doesn't hurt too much at least.

Bloody hell!

Are you ok?

Yes, thankfully! Or at least so far...

I missed the earlier drama. If you're not at A&E then I presume your first aid worked.

It's going to hurt like hell for a while though. Ouch!

Actually it only really hurts when i touch it.

(Deleted comment)
Ow. I slopped hot grease onto my hand once and it hurt like the hurtiest thing ever. I hope the pain stops soon. Immediately treating it with cold water and ice was the best treatment. Pick up some burn cream and that will help too.

::wince:: That's much worse, at least water rolls off. I have a burn spray I'm going to try, but it isn't as bad as I'd thought.