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Fic: Black Widow (NC 17, Spike/Buffy, Buffy/Other)

As shaddyr was unable to make her seasonal_spuffy date, I'm swapping with her as my story was already done.

This is what I've called in the past my 'Cyberpunk Spike' story. I have to thank lillianmorgan for pestering me into writing it! It's developed a little differently than that, but I still consider William Gibson my guide down this dark path.

So what have a I got? I have a dark, four-part tale of sex, violence and the violation of the mind...

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Warnings: Sex. Violence. Sexual violence. Strong language, including the ‘c’ word. Almost everything in other words.

Summary: Dark futurefic. Buffy has been missing for several years. When Spike goes to find her, he’s in for a very deep shock.

Timeline: Post-Chosen, Post Not Fade Away. Near future.

Pairing: Spike/Buffy, Buffy/Other.

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: No characters were harmed in the making of this fic (okay, maybe a bit). They do not belong to me, but are the property of Fox Entertainment and Mutant Enemy.

Thanks to myfeetshowit, hesadevil, jans_intentions, sockmonkeyhere and calove for their beta work.


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Whee! It's the Leopard Seal!

::Applauds:: It's really come together nicely.

Dispite your misgivings.

I didn't have time to look at everything you pointed out as throughly as I'd have liked.

Have you posted the middle section yet? That's where the last of those misgivings resides. I was refering to the style, you tidied it up very nicely by the well-placed personal pronoun here and there, and the odd change of word.

What part 3? No. Don't expect many changes to that.

I was feeling rather rebellous against the PP last night, especially as it's part of the whole style I'm tring to achieve. Then I re-read it all, and now I think I didn't have to be quite so strict as part 3 was full of them. Oh well.

The final part saw a return to a more flowing writing style anyway - fitting for the storyline. I suggested the PP only when the lack might have caused confusion - as was the case when more characters appeared. The lack of PP forces the reader right into the head of one character. Your narration was slightly removed from that and shifted to the others' POV at times. That's why PP was needed sometimes.

If it shifted then I failed, because it shouldn't have. However, I do realise that there were points were it seemed like it had, but I tried to make their thoughts and feelings only things Buffy could read or guess.

As for the big thing you had a problem with, it could (and probably would have been) better explained in Spike's POV, but I couldn't go there to get that stuff out.

Just as good as I remember, except with some nice little additional touches. This combines for me what I love about your spillyria and now with spuffy. I'm getting a taste for dark, edgy spuffy nowadays.

Dark edgy Spuffy seems to be a bit out of fashion lately, which is a shame because that's the stuff i loved.

Have you read any Annie Sewell-Jennings? She's deliously dark and she's a fabulous writer.

She isn't writing in the fandom anymore, is she? Her story about Spike and Buffy after a nuclear holocaust was one of the first fanfiction stories I ever read ('The Last Summer' I think). It convinced me that fanfic could be serious writing.

No, alas. The Last Summer was excellent. Funny, it was one of her stories Wagering History, that drew me into BtVS fanfiction too (I'd read a bit of Blakes Seven fanfic before, but it didn't compare).

This is poignant and powerful. I guess you covered that with the dark. Very clear warnings btw

Hee. I decided just to throw every warning at it and leave it up to the reader. Doesn't look like many were put off!

Dark and powerful stuff.

Thanks, i was worried that it might scare people off! Obviously not.

Well, I'm usually not into either Spuffy or sexually dark stuff, but I'm all about flist solidarity and I'm so pleased you are getting your well deserved kudos. *g*

Definitely indulging my dark side. I never expected everyone to like it though. :) I'm amazed so many have!

OMG, you've made my day! I loved, loved, loved this fic. It's been a long time since I was this excited about something new in fandom. I can't tell you how much I've missed Dark!Buffy. The imagery was fantastic and the pace/rhythm of the story was perfect. I'm so pimping this in my LJ. Thank you for writing this!

>>you've made my day!


I miss all those dark spuffy fics we used to get. I'll have to think up some more.

Wow. I can't wait for the rest of it.

Sorry little comment that got overlooked in the rush!

Not at all. I just read it and commented within the hour. But you have had a big response to this one. I think it was time for some Dark Buffy.

Yeah, must be. Certainly not used to that! I did think it would do well, and these seasonal things are always good places to get your face known, but I was really bowled over by just how well it did do. Nothing like porn to pull in the punters. :)

My last Spike ficlet did very well too. Strange. Must be a slow week.

I've been so out of touch with fic in all fandoms lately. This one looked interesting, and it was yours, and I had a few minutes to spare. Glad I took the time.

Crikey! I shall always pester if the end result is this! :)
Many congrats!!

Um, yeah. I had always wanted to write this, I had the image of the fight in the alley and with Spike and his sword. It was going to be a PWP, but I could never find its voice. It was your pestering that kept it in mind long enough for me to find it. So thank you!

I wrote the PWP in the alley and realised that I had a ton of backstory, so it expanded to three parts… and then four. I even think I might have enough for a sequel and a prequel (but both have problems I haven’t figured out how to address yet).

We’ll have to see.

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