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(no subject)

The only Oscar I cared about was Wallace and Gromit.

I'm happy.


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LOL, you always go against the grain.

Well, it about the only category that I've seen any of the films in! Although I really want to see Memoirs of a Geisha. BBM wouldn't appeal to me if it M/F, F/F or two penguins.

I was torn though! I'd have been happy for The Corpse Bride too, as I love Tim Burton, but I have to support my country.

What can I say? There's love, there's hate, there's Wallace and Gromit.

They won? Great! I haven't seen any of the results yet, so you have brought me the news of the most important Oscar.

As for BBM and your comment above - the concept with two penguins does sound more interesting than the original...but probably not enough to get off the settee for.

It's not exactly earth shattering news for them to win though. But it's well deserved.

I'd love to see the penguin handle the horses.

I'd love to see the penguin handle the horses.

Hmm - yes - that might be worth at least buying the DVD for.

Hey! Aardman could do it - they must have a few spare penguins around. now THAT I might even pay to see.

Not after the fire, they won't.

The Oscars have happened? Missed them in the attempt to stay away from what's offered up as news these days.

Apparently so. Hardly a blip on my radar either.

Apparently there were two other Brit Oscars, which is not bad going considering how insular Hollywood often is. But W&G cheered my heart too - I loved that film.


Yeah, I know, but W&G was the one I cared about!

I can't stand Wallace and Gromit! The first time I saw them was at a Mcmenamin's pub where you can have dinner and fine beer and wine while watching the evening's entertainment. I'd already had a pint of Terminator stout before the movie started, and then those TEETH came looming out at me.

I've never been the same since.

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