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The Great White Meme is tumbling dwn the mountain like a ginormous snowball, expanding and expanding! Who are all these people?

I joined up when I wasn't in a fit state to make an informed decision:

Me @ the Great Write Meme

Tell me what I can do better.


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Huh? What? I've clearly been away from LJ too long as i haven't the first idea what this is...

You go. Put your name up and people give you anonymous critique. Or not in my case.

Everybody's doing it! It must be good. :D

You ask people to critique?


*hides under rock*

I'm a four. People have to be nice to me or I cry. Or at least sulk a bit.

I was too lazy to read the full four description. I challenge the critique!

Still waiting for that whole thing to sink into the usual bitchfest.

Too many fandoms for that I think.

Maybe. Lots of names I didn't reconise. Did see some comments that bordered on rude, though, and a couple of what I would call outright flames.

Yeah. Some of jans_intentions's stepped way over the line. Fortunately I don't seem to stir up such passions, or any at all apparently.

Some of sexymermaid's stepped way over the line.

I had a look, and you're right. How some of those comments could be called concrit, I really don't know, and she got way, way more of it than almost anyone. I guess some of them just saw that as their moment. Could almost see 'em slavering.

I did see one other person (not someone I know at all but I recognised the name) get a very flame-y comment, along the lines of 'your stories send me to sleep but it saves on sleeping pills'.

I suppose it's probably mostly been polite (ish) but the anon thing is a big cop-out in my opinion.

I know! I had this vision of a few pages full of people I'd at least vaguely heard of, from whom I could pick out the actual ones I'd read and spend some time considering what to say. Now it's too much of a bloody effort to get past page ten.

Me too. I left a few comments, but I go back and there's 10 more pages!

*nods* If only there were a sort of directory... although by now that'd be about three pages long as well.


That sounds like a job for the overly anal.

Heh. Ooh - there could be anonymous crit for the maker of the directory and you could tell them that.

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