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I don't whinge often but...

I'm bored and have nothing interesting to say, so I'll do this Johari window thingy hils and some others were doing.

Feeling a bit down lately about the whole writing thing. I think I am losing my enthusiasm and that scares me as I want to write, but not into a near vacuum. LJ is okay, I suppose, at least I have readers, but outside I just don't exist and I don't know where to start. I think everyone's seeing a slump (and sometimes I think there are more award sites than readers - not that I'd know).

It's hard to seeing the point in all the effort though when it's so much easier to design wallpapers and get more feedback for them. It appears I hit my peak some time ago, and I suppose getting no comments at all at FFN for the last chapter of the WIP didn't exactly help my mood (it's not like I ever got many, one or two if I was lucky, but still nothing!). I have no idea, short of writing porn, what to do about it. That'll teach for not writing the popular stuff.

Ah, but then I have always been crap at self-marketing. At least my mum's cat still loves me.

Still, I'm a slave to the muse, so it'll keep coming if you people like it or not.


Dunno if this is a helpful suggestion at all - another comm specifically for the sorts of fics you would like to see - horror stories, maybe? It might work.

Maybe, but very few places seem to be active nowadays, with the exception of darker_spike and I got no comments for the WIP there either so gave up.

Maybe I shall have to look about a bit more.

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Rl is a bitch for so many people at the moment, I guess that factors in?
I only post my stuff at LJ, different fandom obviously and I love my flist for the encouragement they give and the honesty too, the I didn't get...because it makes me think.

I'm too lazy to post anywhere else, but it has come to my attention that people read who don't comment, there's a shock! One just has no idea how many.

You don't accept anonymous comments on LJ, but admittedly few people will leave those.

You are multi-talented, the stories are super and the art work too. Take the praise for both and run??

Okay, rambling over. Hope you have a good weekend. I plan to do housework, blech, marking and grading, okayish and sleeping, yay!

RL is not helping defintely, and is why I'm not dabbling with the amusung stuff so much.

I do post outside LJ. I have two readers at the Gutter and had a few at Buffy-Spike Central, but that's gone. I know there must be readers out there that don't coment - but I've noticed a slump on my website stats too.

I thought I'd turned the anonymous posting back on. Hmmm...

Good weekend to you too. I shall be ignoring the housework and perhaps getting my head around the next chapter, which I'm struggling with (hence the moan).

It's a 'bleh' sort of day, at a 'bleh' time of year. Actually I am being very disorganised, and keep forgetting to go back to read things, and not always remembering to go back to comment if I've read in a hurry - so (a) must go and check back on where I am with your WIP, and (b) I don't suppose for one minute that I am the only one.

There must be a lot of people who read without commenting - no-one has ever left a comment on my corner of S2C's website, and yet he told me the other night that over 70 people have been to every page of 'Ten Years After' there - so I guess that they must have been reading it!

I might have a go at the square thing if I have time after I've read my FL, if I remember where I found it!

I know people don't always comment chapter by chapter, and that's just the way of it. I suppose it's my fault for taking so long that people are dropping off and not being replaced. Very few of the people who read the first part are still reading now.

I have about 60mb on my HDD and a good hundred or so links of fic I wanted to read. The pressure of all that has kind of lead to me reading nothing!

No one (that I didn't already know) has ever left a comment on or about my website either, even when I had a guest book and I've had it two years. Maybe it's too orange?

I think people who don't write don't realise how important feedback is. Just knowing that someone is enjoying your stuff can add much cheer to a dull day.

I've had my website for a couple of months now and had... uh 600 hits? And so far I've had ONE person feedbacking (whilst asking when my latest story would be finished). So yeah, most people suck at telling you that they like stuff!

600 hits in a couple of months is excellent going. I have had about 33,000 hits in three years, but they are page hits not indviduals. I think I get about 0 to 5 a day (with peak of about 80 on a posting day when I was at my most popular. It's about 54 now). I have never had feedback about it or a guestbook entry from someone I didn't already now.

Feedback=motivation. I have never been wildly popular, but then I write some weird things so don't expect to be, but I thought I could get it to grow. And it's not.

I don't know why outside of LJ you receive so little feedback for your fic, but rest assured that it's by no means reflective of the work you're publishing. Maybe FFN is just too big, or maybe other places are winding down, or maybe people are spending their time differently, or whatever.

Still, getting no response at all must suck like a great big sucky thing. I'll try and be better about commenting next time.

I've never received much enthusiasm for my work outside LJ, it's just what little I did have has evaporated. BuffySpike Central was beginning to build, but that's gone now.

You don't happen to know much about the Crusades, do you?

I've become much more conscientious about leaving feedback since I started my own lj and saw how much people care about it - before that I just read what I could find where I could find it (Sandlot & All About Spike mainly) So I tend to work on the basis that lack of fb does not equate to lack of readers.

(Incidentally, I read and loved some of your stuff well before I "met" you on lj.)

As for keeping it coming, please, please do!

>>I've become much more conscientious about leaving feedback since I started my own lj

So have I. I'm in no way innocent myself. In my golden age of fic reading (season six), I rarely left comments. I don't think the wider web leands itself well to comments, as there isn't the dialog between reader/writer that you get here. That's one of the tings I love about LJ.

I'm not very happy with some of the stuff I've written lately, I think Im getting worse, but I'm still having ideas. That's a good sign. :)

First off, consider the source of comments. LJ comments are worth hundreds, if not thousands of comments at FFN. :)

Still, I'm a slave to the muse, so it'll keep coming if you people like it or not.

Oh, we like it!

But, seriously, you are a terrific writer. I think if you want the numbers at places like FFN, you need to go with material that appeals to a rather young, unsophisticated readership looking for porn.

>>LJ comments are worth hundreds, if not thousands of comments at FFN

True. I only went there to see what they'd say. Turned out to be very little. I don't even get flamed!

>>you need to go with material that appeals to a rather young, unsophisticated readership looking for porn.

Not sure I agree 100%, when I see how others have fared. See, The Raven Banner should have been much more their sort of thing because it's lightweight, funny (hopefully) and romantic, yet that tanked too.

I think everyone's seeing a slump

It feels like the slump's been going on for a long while. I still blame all the really bad authors squeezing people out of and many of the archives. Since then people seem to have just stopped looking. At least, that's how it feels to me. I'd like to think that it'll pick up again at some point (ie. off LJ), but I just don't know enough...

It does strike me that quality is not the most important criteria anymore, the way it used to be.

I peaked last summer (according to my website stats and awards), but it has declined since.

So the writing doldrums have struck at Casa Boggy eh? Can't say as I'm surprised. We're almost 2 years away from the ending of the Jossverse and folk are drifting away. Readership is much more difficult to maintain when there aren't any new epsisodes airing to stimulate ideas and responses.

Having said that, do I detect a move towards a certain project with questions about The Crusades? I found some stuff I'd printed out and am amazed at how far we got with it, we have an outline, themes and everything. I even have some plot bunnies hopping around the page for a couple of chapters.

Casa Boggy has had the writing doldrums since the middle of last year in truth, it's just taken this long to moan about it. I'm stuck back at this horrible chapter I can't deal with and... ugh! Frustration. And it somehow doesn't seem worth it.

The project still at the back of my mind. I need to collate everything to get a sense of it again.

What's FFN? Sorry if I'm being dense. And BS Central went down? Damn!

BS Central was hacked! I don't know if they'll ever come back up or not.


Nothing worse than hitting a block with a story and wondering if it's worth working through it.

Currently I'm working on a fic that qualifies more as gen than ship and if one was to define it by ship, basically het and one of the combos being fairly non-traditional. As much as I'd like to believe it will be embraced excitedly, I doubt it. Yet it is what I need to write, so I do.

And I do think there is a shift going on in BtVS fandom. Now that BtVS has been off the air for 2 1/2 years and AtS for 1 1/2 years, there is both a drift of writers and readers. However, I do think with a bit of time, the hard core readers and writers will find each other. Of course, if people want to find me, they basically need to come to LJ. *g*

And I too keep posting to FFN, even though I think it is increasingly the gathering place of the under 18 set who want All Human AUs where Buffy meets William "Spike" Giles, they bad boy from the wrong side of town. That said, did you know that FFN now has a stats feature? You can see how many hits a story has had, regardless of whether the reader left a comment or not.

Alas, readers seem to like formulas and if you don't write that way, you lose. I have a Drogyn plot bunny I'm working on, and I just think 'who the hell will care?' but I just have to write it anyway.

With FFN I think you're right, but I do see writers who write similar things to me and they do wonderfully, and I can't see why. I feel like I'm falling behind. I had a look back at the stats there for my WIP. I haven't actually had a review there for 3! chapters. Yet those chapters have twice as many hits as the preceeding chapters. How can that make sense?


I know, for myself, that before I started my LJ (which is only a couple of months old) I never commented on things that I read on websites. What I have grown to love about LJ is the communication, being able to share thoughts and feelings with writers and artists. It is a rare and beautiful gift.

And, yes, RL is a Bitca! I think everyone's in a bit of a slump at the moment. *sigh*

I know that there are more readers than I'll ever know about, because I was like that too. I think LJ encourages comments because it's easy to see what others have said; i draws you in. But my general malaise isn't coming from this, it's seeing the base I've been building dwindle and that everyone else seems to be going so much better than me with comments, websites, awards, recs on the Herald etc etc.

This is not a rational arguement. I am well aware! But I still feel that way.

I've never been able to figure out. Some of the most god-awful stories there get bushels of "This is FANTASTIC!!!!" comments, while others that are actually, y'know, good get none.

Cats are very discerning. :-)


FFN is one of lifes true mysteries.

I must admit it is very hard to feel motivated when things aren't in tip-top form in RL. But it is distressing to hear you're not feeling so happy with the writing.
It's hard to seeing the point in all the effort though when it's so much easier to design wallpapers and get more feedback for them.
You're not the only one who thinks this. I've definitely heard that from a few other artists-writers. I guess in the fast-paced way LJ operates that it's easy to get an impression from a graphic, rather than to spend half an hour reading and commenting on a fic. Doesn't stand either way for quality.
I guess it really depends who you're writing for. Even though feedback is something akin to crack, there's no point writing for someone else is there? It'll just make the situation worse.
Like, whatever happened to that cyberpunk/Spike idea? ;)
::hugs though::

I write for myself defintely, and I couldn't just stop, it's part of me and I want to keep it now it's back. But I do need an audience otherwise my motivation ebbs. I just seem to be slipping behind everyone else and I don't know why.

Cyberpunk Spike isn't altogether dead, I actually wrote another line for it the other day (whoo!), I just need to find its voice and plot/point. In remains 'in development' with about 50 other ideas.

That'll teach for not writing the popular stuff.

Spike's not popular? Oh, dear.

You think losing enthusiasm for the fic writing and lack of feedback for what you do write is disheartening? You just try sitting here writing a safety review in - for god's sake - nocturia/enuresis (ie getting up in the night to pee/ wetting the bed) for loss of enthusiasm and despair. Bloody hell. Which is why I'm here when I shouldn't be.

It's a bugger. Hang on to writing just for you. You can't make people read and enjoy no matter how much you like something and consider it to be better written than other people's work, and there's no point beating yourself up over it - that way lies madness! If your number one aim is feedback, then do what you have to, I guess, art or whatever. Depends what you want out of the exercise. Some lucky (and talented) people manage to write what they want and get tons of feedback, but I suspect that's relatively rare. We can't neccessarily pick what we write, it picks us, so - write for you. If it becomes a chore and a disappointment, is it really worth it?

Don't take it so seriously, pet - it's not life, only fanfic ;)


Oh, and FF - there are some good reviewers, but there's way more of the squeeing fangirls, and what the heck does that tell you? At least on LJ you get the discerning reader and the intelligent comments, even if there aren't reams of them.

Back to work.

>>That'll teach for not writing the popular stuff

I was thinking more of Illyria actually there. It feels like an age since I wrote Spike properly. ::wails::

It isn't a case of stopping writing, but a feeling of a lack of encouragement outside of this core group. I'm at a loss as to how to do something about it. If The Raven Banner couldn't do it, nothing of mine ever will. The WIP is a huge strain, but I know that the lack of direct Spuffy so far has put people off. Hopefully it'll pull round later. It's just - why do I bother? I enjoy wallpaper making and it's much easier and it gets much more feedback (I still get it from season_spuffy), wouldn't it be better for me to do that? But I feel more like a writer, so I'm stuck with it!

You can keep the safety review, don't worry. :)


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