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I've just finished reading a book! Woo!

I need to tell the world!

Now for that Seven Songs meme hobbituk tagged me for and I forgot about. Perhaps I should have attached MP3s, but I doubt anyone actually cares:

1. Puressense - Street Lights
I love this band. They should have been huge.

2. PJ Harvey – You Said Something
Media Player keeps picking this, and now its stuck in my head. Luckily, it's very welcome.

3. The Rakes – 22 Grand Job
In the city, it's alright! I can but wish nowadays.

4. Wildflowers – All About Eve
Er, I might have to say goodbye to any cred I might have had, but I still like them a lot. I don't usually listen to things quite this fey.

5. The Hole Main Theme
I love the spooky and this gives me the shivers. Because my MP3 is a erm... a little hooky, I'm not 100% who did this, or even if this is the correct title. Which doesn't help.

6. Manual – Neon Reverie
Just a very pretty and uplifting instrumental.

7. Clan of Xymox – I Want You Now
Proof that Goth never really left me.

Up and coming...

The Subways - Oh Yeah and I hear a new Placebo album is almost nigh...
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I've just finished reading a book! Woo!

Thought you'd been quiet. ;)

Been busy with actual reading.

And writing, even if I wrote chapter 17 rather than 16. Did you see 15...?

Did you see 15...?

Dunno. No, I don't think so haven't read anything of yours for a while. :O

Is that losing interest or lack of time?

I haven't been so active myself, but I have been around.

Lack of time. I seem to be showing signs of getting a life and I'm not too sure if I like it. ;)

Well it seems to be when you do loads of stuff and get tired and confused and can't play on you pc as much as you'd like. Not at all sure I like it. ;)

Just to say thanks for your comment,was much appreciated. didnt want to reply til I felt more human again. Thanks anyway. mwah. xDx

Not a problem. I don't have the same cultural issues, so it's hard to know what to say sometimes.

The Subways! Woot! I thought they were cool the few times I've heard them.
OMG, you know about Puressence. Wow, that's just wow. Apparently they were big in Greece (which is an alternative on Japan) but I have no clue what's happened to them since. The guy's voice was amazing, but I suppose someone like Keane have succeeded better in that respect.
Well done on the book.

The Subways are okay, and they're a local band (almost), but they're perhaps a bit formulaic. I can't see them having longevity - but I always back the wrong horses.

Hence poor Puressence. I've liked them for ages (was it really 10 years since I bought Fire blind in the long gone local Independent record shop?). The Greeks have good taste. They seem to have strunk back into the shadows, but I can't see why they'd carry on... yet they seem to be.

*loves PJ Harvey* Which book did you finish?!?! I need a good book rec! I just finished 'The Glass Palace' by Amitav Ghosh!

And have I mentioned how much I am in love with my icon... *snogs you*

I never said it was a good book!

It was Yes Man bt Danny Wallace. Basically it's the true story of ehrn he decides one day to say yes to every question he's asked after a man on the bu tells hims to 'say yes more'. I thought the idea was quite intriguing.

It wasn't bad, quite funny in places, but I found his style and the way he casually 'just wangled a job at the BBC' etc a little annoying. Especially after having tried to get jobs at the BBC in the past!

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