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Right, here's those icons I promised (and now wish I hadn't).

Free to take: Spike, Spike/Buffy, Illyria, Harmony, Hex, Puss In Boots and PJ Harvey (I'm nothing if not random!)Collapse )

RequestsCollapse )

Hope you don't mind me butting into your lj, but I love your Hex icons! Especially the first, second and last ones :D

Butt away.

Thanks, I made them despite the fact very few are really interested.

I adore Hex! Such an underrated show!

Being stuck on Sky One definitely didn't help it.

definately not! And now cancelled too :(

Not unexpected, alas.

It does mean Malachi won. Oh dear.

Nooooooooo! Don't say things like that, in my head, Thelma always wins :D