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Right, here's those icons I promised (and now wish I hadn't).


Image hosting by Photobucket



Harmony (done on a whim):

Some Hex icons I didn't know what to do with:

Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket

Puss in Boots (from Shrek 2 - just because)

Image hosting by Photobucket

P J Harvey (Why not?)

Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket

These are the requested icons:

jamalov29 wanted 'Spike or Spike/Buffy. With golden coloring. As for the words , my name would be nice.'

Image hosting by Photobucket

hesadevil wanted a couple of Drogyn and 'Spike-with-sword with the text 'brave knight'.

Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket

I'm also including my first attempt I'm not so keen on too just in case you disagree:

Image hosting by Photobucket

Spike and sword was very tricky as the sword didn't really show up, so this is me giving up really:

Image hosting by Photobucket

hils wanted Jack from Lost:

Image hosting by Photobucket

gamiila wanted the Ninth Doctor whom I just find creepy I'm afraid. I struggled with the other two pics, but I got a couple done:

Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket

lillianmorgan wanted Alternative Music icons and Spike & Dawn. Thus the PJ Harvey ones are explained! I may make a full set of all sorts of bands, if I'm in the mood, later:

Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket

prophcygrl wanted Sean Maher, whom I've never heard of. I hope you like pink:

Image hosting by Photobucket

quinara wanted 'an icon that somehow combines Spike and/or Buffy with the word 'Renaissance''. I think it looks a bit Baroque to me, but I'm quite proud of this one:

Image hosting by Photobucket

Thanks also to quinara for suggesting some words, which in the end didn't match what I made, but I'll look into if I make more sometime.

Pretty pretty things. Taking "A Good Mant" and "Want" - will credit when used, of course. Thank you.

Cool. My time was not wasted! I wasn't really sure the world needed my contribution, but I had enough requests.

OOH! I love the font on my icon. Thanks!

No trouble. I *may* have another go later with that pic.

Lovely -- I grabbbed Puss-in-Boots and "Forget." Will credit, of course.

These are all gorgeous. I wish I had a good sense for using fonts. You always manage to make them part of the composition.

What I'm learning is that the quality of your resources is critical. A good font will add interest and drama, but you have to pick carefully to insure it suits the mood of the work- having swirly bits means a serif or script font. Anything with straight lines or a very modern design needs a harsher or sans-serif font.

Unfortunately, being limited to 100x100 means that the really, really good fonts with a lot of detail don't work, damn.

Thank you so much for making the S&D and the Peej ones. I am thrilled beyond thrilledness. And also it's made me smile, something that hasn't happened so often lately.
Those 2 Illyria icons are absolutely gorgeous :)

Thank you, glad you like them.

I'm very proud of this Illyria one, and wouldn't you know it was probably the easiest to make of the lot!

SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!! I absolutely LOVE it!! *high pitched girly scream* It is perfect... *snogs and inappropriate groping ensues* :D

Thank you so much... *hugs*

Re: Squeeeeeeeeee!!!

Phew. I had a lot of trouble trying to fit that writing on!

Beautifully done icons! I snag A Good Man and Teas and promis that i'll credit to you.

Excellent. Thanks for dropping by.

Oh, very pretty. I'm not sure I had you down as a pastel sort of girl, but it just goes to show. I think I'll have to snag all of the Spike ones, naturally. Thank you for sharing :)

>>I'm not sure I had you down as a pastel sort of girl

Not normally, no! And no pink! But they don't dominiate the pic so much.

*happy dance* Thank you so much for the wonderful gift ! I love my icon , you went exactly where I expected you would. :)
You posted a bunch of pretties. The Spike's ones are gorgeous , I'm snagging Rebel , A good man , and he smoking.

I see why you're proud of the Illyria icons. Infinity is beautiful.
Of course i'm taking Surrender and </i> Intense</i>. :)

Thank you.

No problem at all!

>>you went exactly where I expected you would

Oh dear. I'll try to be less predictable next time. :D

Lots of pretties here and, of course I adore the Drogyn ones. Thank you. I agree about the first attempt not working.

I'd thought you'd forgotten about these so I made my own 'bravest knight'. I don't have any fancy brushes or anything yet so the sword shows up. Maybe that's the solution with that cap - to leave it simple?

I wanted to cross it with a manuscript, but I think red was a mistake.

>>I'd thought you'd forgotten about these

I've been slaving! You're probably right it needs to be simple, but that wasn't really the point of the excerise. And as for fancy brushes, you just make them.

Took Puss in Boots. I couldn't resist what with myself being a feline as well :)

Ee! It's so pretty! And if that's Chosen!Spike, he's even lost his double chin - there is obviously no end to your power! And it can always be late-Renaissance. ;)

I'm also going to take that one where Spike's smoking, and it's all pale-blue and swirly, because that's too pretty for me to resist as well. (This is all incredibly stupid, because I can see this meaning that I give in and buy more extra icon space at the end of the month... but oh well.)

And you're welcome to the words - that was just me (OK, now I can't remember the phrase - is it singing for my supper?) Anyway, whee!

It's from Soul Purpose - sorry! I'm not *that* good.

I really like the smoking one too. It needed words, but none seemed to fit it. I liked your suggestions, but as you can see, they didn't really suit the swirliness. I'll use them next time.

(Deleted comment)
OK - I don't know how I came to miss this, but I haven't been around LJ much lately so I guess that must count as the reason for my belated thankyou -- because really, I can't thank you enough for your gorgeous work.

Unfortunately though, I have hit a slight snag -- when trying to upload the Gamiila sig, I get the following error message: "The dimensions of your image (100x103) exceed maximum size. Your picture can only be 100x100 pixels large. Use a image/photo editing program to reduce the image to thumbnail-size."

Any idea what I need to do to get LJ to accept it?

And hee! I love your Puss in Boots, so funny! Snagging it as well as my two Doctors. ;-)

Oops. I didn't cut it properly.

Try this one:

Image hosting by Photobucket

I have fallen for Puss.

Whee! Iconzes! Snagging Harmony; will credit. Thanks!

Hurray! Someone wants Harmony! I was feeling a little sorry for her.