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FIC: Perspectives

myfeetshowit challenged her friends list to write a 360:

'The 69er is similar to a drabble, except you only get 69 words for your story. Titles don't count but long ones are frowned on. No summaries or other introductory information allowed (except ratings). The 369 is an expansion on the 69er. Three 69ers that share a common theme or subject. Each 69er has to stand completely alone, and each has its own title. The entire 369 has a title as well.'

Here's my effort. Spike/Harmony, Spike/Buffy. Don't ask me why.

Perspectives by Bogwitch
(Spike/Harmony, Spike/Buffy. BTVS Season Five, rating PG)

Sweet Cashmere

When Harmony wears the cashmere sweater, Spike can imagine he’s content. There’s young flesh in his arms again, long blond hair running between his fingers and smooth skin lying beneath his own. It could be Buffy’s if he shuts his eyes tight, tuning out Harmony’s ditzy chatter and breathing in the scent of another girl, left on his lover by the wool.

But dead flesh never warms him enough.

Rough Protection

She thinks she loves him. He’s handsome and strong and he always knows what to do. He’s rough and – ew – a little kinky, but she knows he’ll come round in the end.

When she’s in his arms, she feels safe, protected from even the Slayer. He’s killed them before and his chip won’t stop him getting this one in the end.

It’s a pity he never holds her anymore.

Lost Breath

They’re like some freak couple, some cosmic joke, ‘Spike and Harmony, the two most useless vampires in existence’. Buffy thinks she should have staked them long ago, but they’re just about pathetic enough to let live.

But once and not so long ago, Spike had been strong. She needs to remind herself when his blue eyes catch hers in the darkness and she forgets for a moment to breathe.


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Oh nice stuff love!

I particularly love Buffy's POV there. Very chilling.

Chilling? Wasn't really meant to be. But I suppose it's ambigous.

You must be bored. Reading het? Bugger me sideways!

You've captured all three perspectives very nicely. I particularly like the use of the sweater in number 1 and the phrase some cosmic joke in number 3.

Putting on my beta hat now. You need a full stop after his own in number 1 and there's a 'the missing in front of 'scent'' If that puts you over the word limit, you could lose the word 'But from the final line without losing any of its impact.

Cosmic joke very nearly got cut. Buffy got a little ranty I had to trim her a lot.

I accept the 'the' and the 'but' (just, tempted to remove 'tight') but I'm keeping the comma as it belongs to the sentence before it. Or how about a semi-colon?

These are wonderful, bogwitch! Really well done!
I liked the first one best. Crisp and clean with wonderful imagery.

Thanks. I like the first one best too, but it was very tricky to get right.

Very nice. The sweater works very well. Also, very vivid Buffy-voice.

Thank you. I struggle to get into Buffy's head, but she burted this out to me today. Bless her.

Those are good! And a great idea for a series of three. What an interesting new form; I'll have to try it. Thanks for sharing these.

Go forth and give it a go! I'm usually a bit adverse to drabble fics, but this form does tie them togther a lot more.

That's nice, especially the way the Buffy one turns it all around.

Thanks, it's a nice little form to play with.

These are great. I like the Harmony one best - she isn't the brightest bulb in the house but she feels and that's always good for drama.

And I'm glad you've made Buffy remember that Spike was strong - he had her shaking in her shoes when he first arrived, and it wasn't passion then.

I like the way you've pointed out that all three of them want something they don't have. Good use of the format.

Thanks. I think Harmony was easiest.

Lovely take on them.
she needs to remind herself when his blue eyes catch hers in the darkness and she forgets for a moment to breathe. Oh yes!

Yeah, you would like that bit! ;)

Love these...beautifully done...

My favourite line... But dead flesh never warms him enough. Powerful...


Poor Harmony, she's just not what he's seeking.

Clever. I always end up feeling sorry for poor Harmony!

I love Harmony. I watched Harm's Way last week and I cried. I'm getting soppy.

Ooh... that Buffy one was lovely. As were the other two, of course, but that was my favourite.

Cool. It took awhile to get into Buffy's POV, but then she was quite straight forward.

These were very nice. Like how you compared and contrasted what they all saw in each other.
He’s killed them before and his chip won’t stop him getting this one in the end.
Oh poor Harmony. That's kina bittersweet for her.
Very nice Buffy voice in the last one too. Like it when the unexpected sneaks up on her.

Oops got a bit behind on the comments, sorry.

>>Like how you compared and contrasted what they all saw in each other.

That's how I found the whole 360 experience, getting that rounded view of the situation. It has a few possibilities.

I have yours bookmarked, I'm cyirous as to how others use the format.

Oh, very nice! Harmony particularly got to me. She's such a ditz, but she really does end up working hard for Angel later on, and never gets the respect that she really has earned. Good voice for her heartbreak.

Thank you. I've really warmed to Harmony lately, poor - if unenlightened - girl.

I've missed the whole 69er thing, clearly. These are very nice. Oddly enough my first thought is 'poor Harmony'.

An interesting experiment. I might have one more go.

I finished a draft of the next chapter of the WIP. Then I realised I'd written the wrong chapter, so now I'm back a square one.

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