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Drabble: Mourning Glory (Illyria)

Thanks to everyone leaving me Birthday Wishes so far, hesadevil and calove for the cards, lillianmorgan(Tentacles!), calove (2xtentacles) and hesadevilspike (Drogyn!) for the drabbles and fic. I have an embarassment of riches.

If I've left anyone out, I will get back to you - my lunch break isn't long enough!

I've done my own drabble. Illyria again:

Mourning Glory by Bogwitch

In the Demon Age, Illyria shone, her light brighter than a thousand suns. Glory was everything; supremacy was absolute. She was hard and strong, feared and adored, worshiped and hated. Many tried to destroy her, many perished.

The world is no less turbulent now than she remembers. War still rages, empires still rise and fall, blood is still spilt in the pursuit of power and wealth. Death stalks. Yet the Age of Men remains her prison. She’s diminished; pushed into a mortal’s shell. Her eternal life will be no more.

She’ll die here and this time no one will remember.


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Nice one.

Happy Birthday, pet:)

Happy simultaneous Birthday (as me) :)

And to you! And scarily it looks like we have rather a lot in common, must be a particularly good day to be born on.

Poor Illyria. You've captured her quite well. She definitely felt the pinch of mortality.

I caught a typo - split instead of spilt. I think I noticed because I have a splitting headache this morning.

A-a-and I meant to say I hope you had a wonderful birthday.

So sad. Poor Illyria.

Interesting that everyone has felt sorry for her, I didn't think from that angle at all!

That's what we like - a nice, cheerful Birthday drabble ;)

Lovely, anyway. Can't believe I'm saying this but - poor Illyria.

I confess, I didn't write (most) of this recently. I found a half done drabble while logging my word counts (I need a life)!

When I read the title and the first line, I thought it would go in a very different direction, Illyria mourning the loss of Glorificus. Nice drabble. You have great insight into the mind of Illyria.

I wouldn't want to be predictable.

Poor Illyria. Hope you are having a better day than she is!

Depends on what she's doing.

I love it. You write great Illyria.

Thanks, she'd only tell me off if I didn't.

Very shiny drabble! Happy birthday! :-) And, um, I know you've probably got a lot of these, but I made you some icons...

Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket

These are lovely! Thank you! I still have plenty of icon space, so up they they go...

Yet the Age of Men remains her prison.
Oooooh, powerful stuff. The last sentence just zings with how bitter she is feeling.
And yay! :)

She's a very bitter person, everything she sees disgusts her. Except Wesley, probably.

Love it...very powerful...
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Love it...very powerful...<very Illyria</i>...and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! *snogs*

Thanks! Illyria ate half my brain.

Happy Birthday, belatedly!

Wonderfully sparse, bleak drabble.

Thank you. And thank you for the user pics too!

Er...I just realized I missed your birthday. I suck. Sorry! Hope it was happy and this year brings you much inspiration and satisfaction--not just because they happen to rhyme. Okay, I'm going to slink off sheepishly now.

That's okay.

::strikes Kako off her death list::


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